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FZR400Tony 12-17-2002 07:00 AM

Let's talk about the C-Word--Crashing
they say everyone does it at least once, some of us have done it several times, what i wanted to talk about is tell me about your crash(es) and what lessons you learned the hard way that may save the newbie from from having to learn it by picking up a bike.

when i first started riding, i had a kz750 (not a great starter bike, but a million times better than an r6 to start on). i got cut off by a car that ran a red light. i got pissed. we approached a stop sign, she stopped (why she didn't at the traffic light two blocks earlier, i don't know). so after waiting for a good minute of me blowing my horn for her to move she let the car roll forward and she started to go to the right. thinking that she finally realized that she nearly kill me and then annoyed me, she must be making it up to me and letting me go around her. i started to go around her. she immediately turned left (towards me) and i sped up further to complete the pass. i made a hard turn to the right to cut her off, prepared the finger for the big old :finger: then i looked at the road and realized it was turning to the left. left turn in the road, i'm making a sharp turn to the right. let's just say the kz was done.

lost self-control. with a level head, you make sound decisions

assumed the other driver had a level of humanity. she showed that she wasn't capable of driving in a safe manor (cutting me, running a red light) and then held me at a stop sign for a long time. this woman clearly didn't care about my safety, her passenger's safety or her own. suddenly she's gonna have a strooge-like change of heart. i should've known better. some people are morons and that day there were two morons butting heads. this woman set a pattern and i took the high risk against the odds. a smarter rider would have taken a different route, pulled over, anything else.

i didn't watch the road. keith code talks about attention in terms of money. if i have $1 worth of attention, i put $.99 of it on her. i knew this road, i knew it had a bend in it. i put my focus in the wrong place.

end result--it took me two years before i'd have enough cash to buy another bike. i missed that bike to this day. it was a wonderful bike to ride to work, take out. it was comfy, fun and had the look for the brit bikes from the 70's that i love so much, without the prince of darkness.

stoinkythepig 12-17-2002 08:51 AM

My first street bike was an 83 Yamaha Seca 750. Seemed really fast at the time. I crashed because a 16 year old in her mom's car made a left out of a side road on my right.

She rolled up to the stop sign, stopped, looked both ways and started to pull out slowly. I was perhaps 100 feet from her and going about 35. I braked somewhat hard and nearly came to a stop less than 20 feet from her. She saw me at about the same time I was done braking and also stopped with her front bumper about 8 feet beyond the stop line. Her car was not blocking my lane. We made eye contact and since I had the right of way, I began to accelerate straight ahead. Just as I did this, she lurched forward and hit my front wheel with her car, knocking the bike down and spinning me and my passenger off the bike quite rapidly. We were mildly shaken up and scraped but otherwise unhurt. The bike spun under her car and was destroyed as her momentum carried the car completely over the bike.

In hindsight, I should have stopped and let her out even though I had the right of way.

BanditBoy 12-17-2002 09:48 AM

As this is the new rider forum, I think I'll add the usual warning about alcohol. One would think this would not be needed, but you hear about it almost everyday. I trashed one myself over being drunk. I was going around a sweeping left hand turn onto a divided highway at about 45-50 mph. Unfortunately, I had so much to drink I could not tell exactly where the road was. Anyway, I centerpunched the median and flipped it. I woke up in the grass surrounded by bike parts. I was lucky that I only sprained my ankle, but the bike was a total loss. Could have been much worse. Only dumb luck prevented me from hitting anything as I flew through the air. Drinking and riding has to be one of the most dangerous things you can do on a bike.

cbr4rusty 12-17-2002 10:09 AM

Pushing the limits...
I was in a suggested 25mph left curve and i was goin too fast for the conditions. I had a little adrenaline rush goin on and i pushed the limits a little too far that morning. I was doin about 50. The few loose stones on the road and the cold tires had a lot to do with the accident but my stupidity was the real reason.

LESSON LEARNED: DON'T PUSH YOUR LIMITS! learn to control that little rush you get out of pushing yourself. I have learned that the expenses of crashes cosiderably outweigh the fun and rush you get from pushing the limits.:)

blackkaw 12-17-2002 03:37 PM

Several times in the past I wound up running wide in a corner and panicked and hit the brakes standing the bike up and almost ran off the road . Every time that happened I was looking at where I did'nt want to go .. so naturally that is where I went! well last week I followed a friend through who is way faster than me. Found myself going alot faster than usual . I started to run wide but I didnt give up and hit the brakes or look at where I DID'NT want to go .. I looked at where I wanted to go ..countersteered more while getting on the gas...and I made it through!!

BobbyDazzler 12-18-2002 04:46 AM

I've posted this one before, but its kinda funny.
I had my one accident while doing my license test a couple of years back.
The tester was an ex-cop and he really had that stoic demeanor that you see in the experienced cops. This made me kinda nervous as there were no pleasantries, just everything straight by the book.
The test was going ok, except I though I may have sped past a school zone where the speed limit depends on the time of day.
The guy pulls me over, then gives me the next set of instructions, then we're off again.
I pull up when we've done that, and he rides straight past me and waves me to follow. So I'm thinking "What Now?"
Now picture this, We're riding on the left side of the road and the instructor indicates to the right. Now I'm thinking he's doing the old truck driver signal, like its ok to pass. So I accelerate to pass on his right, but sure enough he actually turns right.:eek:
Well I see him turn and do the best emergency brake I can and manage to T-Bone him at about 5mph.
I was totally unscathed, and so was my bike apart from minor scratching on the pipe and brake lever.
The testers bike landed on his leg and gave him a nasty little puncture wound:crying:
The ambulance got there shortly after, and then the police came along to get some statements.
No charges were laid and the tester took it all pretty well considering. I rang my brother shortly after and he nearly shit himself laughing.
I took the test again a week later in a city 300miles away and got 100%. Since then I've managed to keep the bike upright.

FZR400Tony 12-18-2002 08:38 AM


Originally posted by BobbyDazzler

I took the test again a week later in a city 300miles away and got 100%. Since then I've managed to keep the bike upright.

smart move.

i think one of the valuable lessons here is when riding in a group, signals should be well known in advance. every group seems to have their own thing.

another valuable thing you should know when riding in a group is what faster riders should do to let slower riders catch up. such as we'll wait at stop signs, we'll stop at this point in the route, we'll stop in the middle of the road on blind turns so we can get hit, etc.

YXFR6WV 01-14-2003 03:54 AM

so far some have been contributed to miscommunication, some to drinking, more to not knowing your own ability and, even more to the other moron on the road that wasn't paying attention? Notice a trend why a lot of bikes end up wrecking?

I was driving to my house from a friends and was headed down one of the main streets out of town that has no stop signs and only one light that wasn't even close when I wrecked. There was a car infront of me that indicated turning right. There was a car on the left stopped at a sign. As the car infront of me turned right, a sped up a bit and proceeded on home. As I hit the gas so did the person stopped at the stop sign. About that time I end up grabbing the brakes and slowing it down a bit before slamming into the side of the guy's front passenger side behind the front wheel. After every thing was sorted out, the bike was totaled, my ankle was sprained, and the idiot said he didn't see me.

I ended up getting the last laugh as he pulled away. The wheel I managed to hit was wobbling. :p

See, most of the time it is the other guy's fault

Smitty 01-14-2003 02:33 PM

Simply do not like talking about crashes as they lead into bad memories.

dbo 01-14-2003 03:55 PM

summer of '97...brand new f3...dumbass friend wouldn't call me back so i just went cruising (i still blame you...if you'd called back, i wouldn't have been in that intersection!!!:crying: :twofinger)
anyway, i was thirsty so i thought i'd pull over to get something to drink, i looked in my right mirror, and turned my head, there was a truck coming, but it was a ways back...i didn't give it more than a glance and that was my mistake...he was hauling ass, and my inexperienced self turned right in front of him, he was driving a pathfinder and he caught up to me quick, he was running late for work...anyway, he slammed into my right side as i was turning into his lane(far right) crushing my leg into the tank, and sending me straight up in the air, and over two lanes into the far left turning lane...i saw my legs fly up over my head, and the next thing i remember is landing on the back of my head and the rear of my left shoulder with my legs sticking straight up...the resulting injuries were a transverse compound fracture of my right tibia, broken fibula, i have a titanium rod and three screws in my leg as a result and i also busted my 4 lowest ribs in the front...thankfully that was it...i healed quickly and completely and show no signs of the injury. the bike was trashed as's been awhile now, but hopefully i'll be back on again in about 2-3 months at most...

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