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gabo234 11-02-2002 01:57 PM

newbie questions
this is my first post on here, and im glad to be here. i have a couple of questions about getting a motorcycle. im still 17 y/o, and im looking to get my first bike in a couple of months. i was just wondering if in order to get a bike, my parents would need to sign anything, seeing that im a still a minor. anything like the msf course, the motorcycle endorsement for the liscence, or just to buy, like a 2000 ninja 250. im pretty sure that this is the bike im going to go with. thanks for any input that you guys might privide.

Smitty 11-02-2002 02:08 PM

Cannot answer you on your questions for I am a Canadian for things are different.
Still on here to congratulate you with the idea of taking the MSF course & for aiming at a good 250 rather then a peaky 600 or power giant of 1000cc.

sjn2560 11-02-2002 02:09 PM

Good choice on a first bike, I had one myself. Please take the MSF course! You will learn alot and it might get you out of taking the "riding" part of the test when you get your license depending on the laws where you live.

I am not sure about the parent's signature. I would think that if you paid cash for the bike you would not need a parents approval. If you finance the bike, I am pretty sure you will need a co-signer.

Good Luck and welcome to the club.

RayO 11-02-2002 03:46 PM

I'm not sure about any differences in your state, but 18 is usually the "legal age". If you are trying to do this before your 18th birthday, your parents may have to sign:

liability release for the MSF course
insurance policy for a m/c
driver's license endorsement for a m/c
registration for a m/c
loan for a m/c (very likely)

Call or email MSF, your insurance agent, and your local DMV to find out for sure, but I'll bet all of the above will be required. Try to get your parents to go along with this especially starting with the MSF course.

Good luck!!

gabo234 11-02-2002 04:16 PM

well, my parents have already said that they would let me get it, but im sure as they start to see that im serious about it, they will probably say "NO!!" so, theyll probably be happy that i want to take the msf course, and hopefully after that i dont need any papers signed. anyways, if anyone knows any florida specific rules, please let me know.

Smitty 11-02-2002 08:02 PM

My parents thought it was a fad that would wear off & what the heck I had not been trouble to them for the 15 yrs I was with them. At that illegal age I rode down the street into the rough stuff. That was back in 1945 & have never missed a yr of riding which includes 42 yrs of competition riding.
So if you have the okay from your parents I feel they will give you the OKAY for the rest as you are aiming in the correct direction of SENSIBLE riding/gear/& bike.

GoTime242 11-03-2002 07:41 AM

Welp, i guess i will be waiting till april to take the msf course. Im not gona start riding w/o it. And my parents are more against it that anything in the world.

Smitty 11-03-2002 09:47 AM

Pity your parents are against the idea of you riding GoTime while the parents of gabo have sort of given him the okay.
Have no suggestions in your situation.

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