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Ronin369 07-19-2002 06:33 AM

finally, I feel like a rider
so I have been riding for 2 years now. I felt up until yesterday like I had reached a level of riding and stalled there. I got Twist of the Wrist 2 last week, and yesterday went for a 400 mile ride on some of the best twisties in Washington state. I have ridden these same roads 5 times, and at times they had me scared sh*tless. I ride with two friends, one on a 86 Honda Hawk, the other on a 71 BMW. I have always fallen behind. And I was sick of it. With my bike vs. thiers, I should be kickin thier butts.

The first half of yesterdays ride was same as usual, I spent it trying to make the TOTW2 tactics second nature and muscle memory. I didn't fall too far back. But the ride home. we turned around and I just said "F*CK IT", let go of everything, stopped over thinking every corner, and just rode. I increased my corner speed by at least 10mph, was biting at the Hawks back tire the whole way back. I turned off the damn lean meter, and spanked that frikkin road. I have never felt so comfortable or had as much fun on a motorcycle. I couldn't sleep last night, just kept seeing those corners, leaned over hard, moving fast. I "get" it finally.

sorry to be so damn wordy, but I feel like I can finally ride a cycle. Not to worry, I don't feel like I was riding past my level, and got lucky. I think it was just like finally understanding, and everything fell into place.

To you guys in Washington, we were riding the east side of Mt. St. Helens all the way down to Carson, so you probably know the roads I'm talking about.

trigger 07-19-2002 07:15 AM

Ronin, I've heard about this video a lot. Where can I get it? Also, I live in Tacoma and have a black '02 SV. I'd like to possibly get together with you guys on one of your rides. I'm kind of new to the whole riding thing too, been riding for a couple of years. You guys sound like a sane bunch to ride with. Let me know if you ever get down Tacoma way.

Robert 07-19-2002 07:54 AM

"Twist of the wrist" is a book. :)

(Two different books)

A Twist of the Wrist: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding

A Twist of the Wrist: The Motorcycle Road Racers Handbook

Smitty 07-19-2002 08:45 AM

Hope this was just a word to point out you had really caught up in riding form?
For something like "--was biting at the Hawks back tire the whole way back." gives one the impression that you might have been riding abit to close.
Remember so many sportbike riders tend to ride TO CLOSE & so often accidents are caused as the rider behind is to late in stopping or such.
No kidding we read of so many that have rear-ended a fellow rider & sometimes they feel the rider in the front was in the wrong, but not according to law.

Ronin369 07-19-2002 09:29 AM

by saying "biting at his heels" I was simply saying that he would look back, and I was still there. He said after, I pushed him to ride a little harder. He was shocked by how much I improved in just a couple of hour. Our group has many rules. no passing unless waved by, no crowding. It is always safety first wih our group.

yes all I was talking about was my form. everything smooth, fast... really riding the bike instead of throwing into a corner and holding on. all that I learned from TOTW2 made me feel more "one" with the bike. once the fear that had been holding me back was gone, I flowed threw those corners. kit was easy...

does that make sence?

theOtherR6Mike 07-19-2002 09:40 AM

I just ordered both from Amazon. They had a "package" deal I guess. $33 (w/ regular shipping) for both. I have heard a lot of good things about these books. I'm thinking they'll help me get to the next level of riding. I'll let you know how it goes.


Smitty 07-19-2002 02:01 PM

Answered my question & I felt that was it, but still thought I would remind newer riders.
Around here one rarely sees a Sportbike & so it is H/D & cruisers that seem to ride sensibly & well spaced.
Seems 3 weeks ago there was a hog meeting of 2500 signed in guests at the hotel & just 30 miles south was a large gathering of Gold Wings.
All kept themselves well spaced, yet on a few occasions we have had sportbikes they were simply jammed within inches of each other & well over the max speed limit, like 140 to 150KPh on a max speed limit of 100KPH --- obviously a lot of sportbike accidents but have not heard of a H/D Cruiser or Goldwing group with an accident at these two large meetings.
Puts on to some thinking does it not?

Ronin369 07-22-2002 06:20 AM

just wanted to apologize for the typos and other errors in previous posts. I'm at dialysis, and it is very hard to type on this laptop with the needles in my arm. I'm not that big of a moron :D

trigger, I'll email you before we have another daytrip down your way so you can join us.

FZR400Tony 07-22-2002 06:36 AM


i think a lot of times when riding with friends, we nip at each others heals while not racing, or actually riding in an unsafe manor.

glad to see things started clicking for you. motorcycling can be a constant learning curve if you choose to make it one. many people find a comfort zone and stay there. personally, i find a comfort envelope and the try to push it out wider. but never too far (except last weekend).

one quick question, you don't need to answer if you don't feel comfortable, why dialysis? you okay?

Ronin369 07-22-2002 06:29 PM

Well I lost my kidneys at 18 after 4 years of battleing a disease called Lupus, and high blood pressure. Had a kidney transplant for 7 years, but it failed 7 years ago. So I go to dialysis 3 days a week 5 hours at a time, plus there is about a 6 hour recovery period for me after.Besides that I'm in pretty good shape.

Thank You Robert for this excellent web site. I look forward to Monday morning, after getting hooked up to the machine, coming here and for the most part forgetting where I am. This site is an excape for me, if I can't be riding

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