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Cliffrock 10-05-2001 01:13 AM

this weekend and D207s
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So when are we going to ride... I am leaning towards early Sunday... and maybe head into the Shenandoah mountains...VA Rt.211?
Also, I am getting a fresh set of D207s. I have found 2 places that will ship them for 190-200 bucks. I will probably order them from Sage's Dirt and Street, they have a "tire page" and they include shipping in their prices. Also, TireExpress has good prices and $9 shipping per street Tire.
OH YEAH, Mike, I want to hold my bike up to take the forks off...
I remember you had a good way to do it. (floorjack and a 2x4 and a can of baked beans??:cool: ) I have the rear stand and can get a floor jack.

Again, when and where and who is in this weekend. Me and my bro, EldicBob and his bro, who else. Especially people I have not ridden with yet;)

elcidbob 10-05-2001 03:53 AM

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Ok, I'm in! 0800 at Starbucks? Or if we are heading into VA do you want to meet more towards your house like the Exxon on Goldsboro near the entrance to Clara Barton?

And here is a pic of what my bike will look like in the spring (if I don't break down for an RC-51).

Kneeslider951 10-05-2001 03:55 AM

Hi everyone, Looks like it's going to be a great weekend for riding. I'm totally envious. Looks like my stay in New York will be extended through the end of the year. Things are going well but slow. My girlfriend visited my place the other day to get my mail and checkbook and said my bike is still there :D but covered in dust in the back corner of the garage :crying: . Oh well.


Take care on the new tires. As far as working the forks. I have a motorcycle lift that can take the bike off the ground about 15 inches. That's probably not enough to get the forks vertical for the oil fill and measurement so what I was thinking was,

Raise the bike with the lift.

Put cinderblocks under the tires and lower so it is resting on the tires on the cinderblocks.

Put cinderblocks under the center of the bike and put the jackstand on the center cinderblocks and lift again.

This should get the bike about 20 - 25 inches off the ground and with the front tire removed you should be able to tilt the bike forward enough to get the forks vertical for enough time to take the final oil measurement.

I have the lift and the straps to secure the bike to the lift which is critical for "the tilting". The only downside to using my lift is you have to remove the lower fairing and you will definately require a couple sets of hands to tilt and steady the bike while you take the measurement.

Don't know if you want to try this or if you have a better idea but let me know if you want to borrow my gear. I can make arrangements to have my girlfriend meet you at my place and let you in to grab my stuff.


Kneeslider951 10-05-2001 05:06 AM

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By the way, This is what my area of concern look's like these days in New York. VZs building was a major hub in lower Manhattan. Everything to the left is rumble from the World Trade Center Complex. My team is responsible for coordinating the recovery effort for the New York Stock Exchange and major brokers.

Cliffrock 10-05-2001 07:03 AM

Shenandoah Map/Skyline Drive
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Mike, that sounds good. I think I can get by with some devices on hand.
We can take 66 West (1hr.), then get onto Skyline drive-ride an hour south and back or go down to Rt.211 (middle of the map, crosses skyline drive) and take that back east.
Here's a skyline Drive map from

elcidbob 10-05-2001 09:01 AM

Sounding good. Just give me a time and place to be on Sunday.

elcidbob 10-08-2001 05:52 AM

Anybody end up riding this weekend?:confused: I was at Starbucks, but did not see anyone. :crying:

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