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07-27-2005 01:17 PM
Re: Re: Speed

Originally posted by Unas_the_Slayer
If you're talking about your '02 ZX6R, remember that you can shift into 6th.
I know but I hate it when the tach goes into that red area !

07-27-2005 10:51 AM
my 05 gixxer 600

I hit 154 with my gixer 600 when it was stock, and i had more left.
Magazines publish 163 as top speed.
that was before i did the -1 +2 sprocket gearing drop.
i have not tried again, but i also know my speedo is inacurate now.
07-22-2005 03:26 PM
Re: Speed

Originally posted by superd
I don't think it will go much beyond that as I think the rev limiter would cut in.
If you're talking about your '02 ZX6R, remember that you can shift into 6th.
07-22-2005 03:19 PM

I'm not sure about bikes losing power as they get older [doubt it]. I know that sometimes I take a run up the interstate where I live and 90 or 100 seems like I'm hardly moving. The fastest I've ever had my 600 up to is 130. I don't think it will go much beyond that as I think the rev limiter would cut in.
07-22-2005 02:22 PM
Originally posted by Vash
I was under the impression that 600's all topped out in the 150's, but I might be wrong.
Are you kidding? My 97 F3 with -1 +2 gearing tops out at around 158. That is with a speedo healer by the way. If I had stock gearing I could easily break 160, and my bike is 8 years old.

And ZX6R1033, cops are getting really tricky. I was on the highway yesterday and I saw two bikes going the opposite way. The riders were tucked in and they were easily going over 120. Just a little behind them was a state trooper with no lights on (this is in the evening, it's getting real dark and every other car has their lights on). They wait until they're right on your ass until they flip the lights on. I've even heard stories about NY cops cutting off bikes they want to pull over then jamming on the brakes so the biker has to concentrate on not hitting the cop instead of running.
07-22-2005 06:41 AM

On the ninja 500 I would not expect to see much more than 120... they work well to 100 then they are a bit slow after that. My friends girlfriend has one it's a bit older but who knows if the new ones are any faster?

on just about any 600 sportbike I would expect them to top 140 quite easily. as for 170's.... not quite sure about that....

I have a zx9r with some agressive gearing and I can only get about 150 out of that before I start bouncing off the rev limiter. Before the gearing change I had see 180 on the speedo however I don't believe it maybe low 170's, and I was going by my firend on a 900rr, his speedo read 190. I think this goes to show you that at that rate of speed the speedo's can be off 10mph easily if not more.

I have never checked it out but it feels like I can go 0 - 100. in 7sec or so... not sure how accurate that is but it sure feels fast. If that tells you anthing about how easty it is to top 100mph. IMO 100 on a bike feels like 65 in my Yukon.

Just be safe, tuck down the best you can and hold the h-e-double hockey sticks on! zx6r and I both live in the same state (maine not much traffic during the week) and we have some great streatches on highway that do not have on or off ramps for a few miles.... this is prime territory for top speed runs however you just gotta watch out for the blue lights.
07-22-2005 06:14 AM
Originally posted by Vash

Make damn sure you dont get cought. No cop is going to be understanding when he catches you topping out a sportbike on a permit.

Or a license.

I was running up the interstate once at about 140 (no traffic... no exits for 20 miles, decent road, fences, exc...) when I passed a cop sitting off the road and out of site. Now... being a sportbike, (and I was FULLY tucked) he never got me on radar.

So, rather than pulling me over... he pulled out and drove a normal speed. When we hit the toll booth about 3 miles up, he went through the speed pass, and I didnt see him. It took me a while to dig for my change.

About a mile away from the toll booth, I kicked it up a bit... probably right around 80, which, on a bike, feels slow. Came around a corner and there he was, RIGHT on the side of the road. He got me for 86, and nailed me for 2 more tickets as well. He had me stopped for almost an hr and was inspecting my bike, looking for illegal mods.

He knew how fast I was going the first time I passed him, but he didnt get me. So, he decided to nail me for whatever he could on the second pass.
07-22-2005 06:05 AM
Vash Most race replicas use ram air. Which means the faster they go, the more power they make. I was under the impression that 600's all topped out in the 150's, but I might be wrong.
Unless you mean, that once you get some miles on the odometer they tend to loose power. Well that is true, a bike with 100k miles will have 5-10 hp less than a new one. But really I wouldnt sweat it. Those guys know how to build engines.

Now is the part where I must recommed some cation. A few things to watch out for it you are planning on doing high speed runs this early in your riding career (which is abit too early). Make damn sure the road does not have any bumps on it. I'm talking about little 1/2" bumps here. Those can snag your tire, and you dont want to be dealing with a wobble at that speed.
Make damn sure there is a fence on both sides of the road, or something else to keep deer away. I'll let you picture what hitting a deer at over 100mph will feel like.
Make damn sure you dont get cought. No cop is going to be understanding when he catches you topping out a sportbike on a permit.

07-22-2005 05:48 AM
Re: Hitting 100+ MPH

Originally posted by xboxdynasty

I haven't started riding yet but am taking MSF in two weeks. I was wondering how many people top out thier bikes....

Does it take skill or just crazyness? Whats the fastest you've done?

I'm getting a CBR 600 or Ninja 500 what kind of speeds can you expect to hit stock...

I heard that when you get some miles on a bike they tend to loose some power.

Now im not planning on killing myself right away just interested is all.

hahahahaha I read the thread, then the first line of your posts... For supersports (race replicas), 100 is FAR from topping out the bikes.

I have heard so many times that bikes lose power on top speed runs. I have yet to see that first hand. There was a post on supra forums where a MK3 Supra owner claimed that at above 110 MPH, his stock supra could take a 600cc race replica. I never laughed so hard in my life.

I read once on a zx6r forum that theoretically (meaning.. take away road consitions, wind resistance, exc..) given the stock gearing on a ZX-6R like mine... the top speed is 186 mph.

I have personally seen 173 Once, and only once. A guy I used to ride with had a 2002 GSXR-600, and his bike redlined at 155.

Moral to the story... believe ONLY what you see. All else is just hear-say.
07-21-2005 10:18 PM
cookeetree Similar thread in Daily Rider. Here's a link.

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