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03-07-2004 09:51 PM
Smitty Now there is a seller on the MSF course if I must say so myself.
03-07-2004 02:58 PM
DONE with the MSC!

OK! I would have to agree that wearing your leathers would be a bad decision. A long sleeve shirt is really all you need for this class. Please ignore my spelling because I'm am going through a heat exhaustion phase right now from riding in a parking lot for 2 days. I actually learned alot. The main thing I learned was the counter balance on a slow turn. I am not sure if whoever reads this post will know exactly what I am talking about. But, I never really realized how low I could get my R6 down on a sharp corner at a very slow speed and counter balance my body on the bike to ride right through the corner. I am used to leaning into the direction of the turn no matter what speed I am going. Anyway, I would strongley suggest anybody new to motorcycles to take this class! Even after 25,000 miles worth of experience on my R6, I learned a lot. I am planning on taking the experienced rider's course soon. Well, take care all! I am going to relax for the remainder of the day and just surf the web!
02-29-2004 06:24 PM
Smitty Guess I should have said "--tough fabric jacket---". I just used the Jean name knowing it is tougher then one's skin. LOL
02-29-2004 03:04 PM
Originally posted by Smitty
Well at least a tough cloth jacket like a jean jacket which is better then your bare elbow.
I don't know man. I think I'd rather lose some skin than be seen in a jean jacket.
02-28-2004 11:03 PM
Smitty Well at least a tough cloth jacket like a jean jacket which is better then your bare elbow.
02-28-2004 02:38 PM
Originally posted by jrm
As for the thread, just tell the class your "friend" let you borrow his gear for the class. Or, wear jeans and whatever minimal clothing they require as you will work up quite a sweat pushing your loaner rig around the parking lot (w/engine off, I mean...). There was a whole lot of pushing in my class before a single motor fired up.
That's my plan, just say I borrowed a helmet and gloves. I don't really see the point of wearing leathers, or even a jacket for that matter, to ride 10mph around a parking lot.
02-27-2004 04:37 PM
jrm Smitty's rebellious side finally shows!!!!!!!!!

Guy probably quit his job and went to buy a trials bike after seeing you show him how it's done.

As for the thread, just tell the class your "friend" let you borrow his gear for the class. Or, wear jeans and whatever minimal clothing they require as you will work up quite a sweat pushing your loaner rig around the parking lot (w/engine off, I mean...). There was a whole lot of pushing in my class before a single motor fired up.
02-27-2004 02:21 PM
Smitty When I was nailed for Dangerous Driving on a m/c---that is a Criminal Offence here in Cdn. Also lost my DL for 6 months & had to take the m/c test over again.

I argued with the civil servant over some of the wording of the questions of the written part & I was correct which did not put him in a good mood.

One week later to take the riding test. Instead of my street iron I tossed the Kwacker RD 250cc Trials iron on the trailer & then down to the Govt place. Bike was barely(?) street legal.

Sort of shook him up at the start for there I was in full Trials riding gear which he had never seen in his life. He asked if the bike had lights & I said 'YES" so asked if I would turn them on & I said "It runs by magneto----do you want me to fire up the engine just for that?". Then did it have a stop light & pointed out the brake pedal was connected to this spring/switch that would trip the stop light. Asks if it had a mirror & pointed out there it was which was a chopped down bicycycle mirror under the the left handlebar & barely visable though pointed out with it & continual shoulder checks I was better off then a cage driver as no part of the bike blocked my vision. Next was the horn & reached to the bicycle bulb horn to "oink" "oink" it & that sort of threw him.

He came out with of all things asking if the bike had "baffles" & I think he was referring to if the muffler/can had baffles. Well now I had him for I said something like "Baffles, baffles---man does this bike have baffles? Just think this is just a small single cylinder 250cc & not some massive V-8 muscle car ---- look at this one exhaust pipe & this flat set of baffles (as I pulled of a plastic guard) & then to the Spark Arrestor to point out a SECOND set of baffles & asked him when had he ever seen a single piston machine with TWO sets of baffles?".

Believe me I was having fun making an arse of this civil servant. Then came the plastic cones & there I was coming back & him shaking his head saying that one is NOT to ride standing up on the bike. So I said "On an Observed Trials m/c one does NOT ride it sitting down----still to make you happy I will do so". With that I sat on the LOW position of the bike with knees spread way out to look so extreme do all the stuff required. So I got my m/d DL back.

Thing was a bit later on when I was going to roll off with this the bike he is there with this old gal talking to her as I prodded the bike into life, did a neat 180 degree turn on the r/wheel with front up in the air & myself with feet on the footrest---out the street doing a wheelie (believe me doing wheelies on an Observed Trials irons is a piece of cake) down the 1/4 block to lower front wheel at the STOP sign & with nothing to my left or right & still riding "feet up", up came the f/wheel as I turned right & out of his sight---then I put the front wheel down.

Word got out that he was so shaken by this motorbike rider that he took 1/2 of the day off & then phoned in he was six the next few days. Was it me or did he see a way to get away from work?

NOTE this was a Govt employeed Civil Servant & not the volunteers like on the MSF course.
02-27-2004 09:20 AM
thompsonian When I took mine here in Ohio last year, I had only ridden for a couple of months, yet I wore the full gamet of safety gear I wear when I ride now. Full leather jacket, helmet, gloves boots, etc. I don't think showing up in full leathers is anything bad. Some might either think one of two things:

A. They think you already know how to ride, and don't belong in the class, and are just trying to show off your leathers and shit

B. You are being over cautious by wearing all the gear.

Half of my class had been riding for a few years and were only taking it for the insurance break. But even they came away with learning a few new things. I wouldn't worry about it. Just tell them you thought it might do you some good to get some Professional instruction incase you missed something in your years of riding. I have heard of people taking the class every year just to refresh on some things. I plan on taking the advanced rider course sometime this year. If I can find one close to me that is.
02-27-2004 07:28 AM
23447 I took it last fall, and you do learn a few things. The big thing is, just like others said, don't act like you know it all.

As for the instructors being more experienced, don't count on it. Here in Illinois, in order to be an instructor, all you have to do is:
1. Be at least 18 yrs old.
2. Passed both Basic and Experienced rider safety course.
3. Take a week long Instructor training course.
4. Teach at least 3-4 courses per year.

So the instructor does not "have" to have more experience. This doesn't mean that he/she won't, but there is a chance.

I am currently looking into becoming an instructor, and I have only had about 2yrs/5000 miles of "street" experience.

Anyway, good luck, and let us know if you learn something!
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