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09-08-2002 09:14 PM
viocurse i wish i could go riding with him, but since i moved 3 months ago he is 1400 miles away. I would go slow and tell him to keep speed with me. Even though he was a pretty good dirtbiker (he cold take jumps better than me, but I could climb anything like a mofo, even trees) he thinks sportbikes are the same as dirtbikes. and i don't know if he realizes that a gixxer1k has the same power at 6k that i have at 13k. o well, it's his life, he'll figure it out damn quick once he gets that much power... or not.
09-08-2002 09:10 PM
That has got to be the best set of pics I've ever seen to argue the point of wearing the proper gear. After my first (and only get-off) without the proper gear, I learned the painful lesson and bought ALL the gear (full leathers, Alpinestar boots, gloves, and back protector). I was prettly lucky, I broke my foot and got some minor rash, sidlining me for about a week.

Today, at the local twisty rest stop, I witnessed that the right gear comes in handy even at a stop. Some guy with his girl friend on the back of his 748 droped his bike after stalling it. The kick stand tore into the girls foot. The fact that she was wearing some spegetti strap sandal things didnt help much.... The guy imediatly picked up the bike and looked it over for damage for about 5 minutes before noticing his girlfriend writhing in pain on the ground. Nice guy
09-08-2002 08:51 PM
Smitty You have probably done all you can to advise your friend. All you can do now is hope to God he will gain some sense. If not then I would let him ride on his own or with others. You ride with him & good chance he will bring you down as well.
Sorry if I am frank with my words, but after 56 yrs of constant riding I do have a much better idea of what makes things tick in the m/c end ------ trying to put sensible thinking into others is vertually impossible.
09-08-2002 07:49 PM
apexismaximus Try

I'm guessing that 150-200 will get you some serious boots. Maybe less, I haven't checked their prices lately. I have some Alpinestars that have seen me through 2 good get offs and are still in great protective shape. For serious playing I'd use those. For every day stuff I use old military boots or Dr. Martins. Anything that covers the ankle will help. The armor and bracing of race boots will DEFINITELY help if you do go down but I find they don't fit under jeans too well for every day shite.

Good luck with your friend, all I can say is be there to call for the heli and don't blame yourself if it goes badly, it's his own damn fault.

09-08-2002 07:00 PM
viocurse OMG thats f-ing gross. I fit in the catagory of "shopping list of excuses" for not wearing my gear because of this damn pheonix heat. today the temp was only a high of like 95 (i think) so i wore my gear, then i got home and read the boards! (YUK!) After seeing these pics, guess what i'll be wearing every day for the rest of my life? even when i WALK across the street to get my mail! haha.

Back to devin. He got his endorsement when he was still 17, so by law, he had to take the MSF class. (not sure about laws elsewhere, but in washington your required to, or atleast i was forced to by them, if your under 18). he's 18 now and i am almost 19. luckly he doesn't have enough money right now to get a bike, and summer is ending for him so it will be next spring b4 he gets it (i hope). i send him a link to that... damn, makes me want to puke my dinner up. especialy the ankle one!

How much will a good set of full boots run me? I supose i could go and just look for myself, (which i prolly will) but I am just curious. All i am wearing now is my Lakai skate shoes (my only shoes, i'm a guy), but i was planning on buying boots anyways because firebird raceway requires them to run times, i just didn't have the money until now, yay payday! these pics will get me off my ass and ordering off the net right away. they've served there purpose.
09-08-2002 03:49 PM
kaneda Javahed,

That's some sick shi#@[email protected][email protected]#$#@! Interestingly enough,
I recently just bought a nice pair of Daines P103 leather pants.
Prior to this, I've only owned and primarily rode w/ a Vanson leather jacket and jeans. My main motivation was due to the fact that I plan on start to riding knee draggin' style. Of course, I always new leathers afforded the better protection. In fact, the couple times I took my CBR F4 for track day, we were required to double up on the jeans if we didn't have leathers. I've been told, CA is a bit more stringent; if you don't have a one piece leather, than the two piece must be able to attach itself as one via zipper. I guess I will eventually have to purchase a Dainese jacket to match the pants I just got; Unfortunately, my Vanson won't suit. Anyway, I must also confess that although I am very vehement as most people here are about wearing protective gear, I don't always. The occassions I don't are when I take my bike for a little spin to get all the water out after a wash. After seeing those pictures, I think I will make it a practice to wear protective give everytime. You can't predict. But, I do have contempt for people who don't wear the proper gear. Even for people who wear tennis shoes, etc. There are moving parts on a bike and if a shoe string were to get loose, who knows. This reminds me of something I saw on television where a woman lost her who hair, including the scalp. Her whole scalp and hair were literally ripped off in an industrial accident when it got caught on a machinery. Well, I'm just thinking this is an accident waiting to happen on guys who decide to wear shoes w/ shoe laces. Can we say over the ankle? That's why the MSF course insists on over the ankle boots. I think the pictures w/ what happened in one of the pictures is sobering enough. Guys, it took some strength to just look at the horrible pictures; could you imagine what the pain must have felt like??? When I got my first bike, a 96 CBR 600 F3, I've ahem... tested it on a straight away. I was lucky I didnt' have an accident. I, now realize how fortunate I was. Anyway, as a sportrider, fast straight aways don't impressive me. although, it's nice to feel the high speeds, but it's really cornering that is where it's at. Any bloody idiot can go hundreds of miles per hour on a straight away. Take it easy; especially if you're starting out.


You are indeed his friend and he's lucky to have you as his friend. Your concern and assessment of his sounds right on. From the amount of accidents you've described and his attitude, I think you have him pegged right as an idiot. Riding in the dirt and on the street are two different animals. Dirt bikes are meant to take a far more abuse than street bikes. In fact, at least on a dirt track you don't have to deal w/ obstacles like street riders do, i.e., cars, debris, etc. I hope you show him those pictures. And if that doesn't deter him, at least I hope he wears the proper gear like someone here advised. I don't have anything against doing extreme stuff, hell, I love stunting. It's being aware of the dangers and risk. Do it properly, having given much thought. I suppose if he's determined, like most of our loved ones were against us riding bikes, he's going to do it. Just have him think it through first prior to doing anything extreme. Try to visualize doing it and the possible outcomes and how you might deal w/ it. His life is riding on it!

p.s. You mention he's had a MC endorsement for 6 months... something tells me he probably didn't take the MSF course. And if he did, at least not for the right reasons, i.e., to learn earnestly about riding responsibly as opposed to it being counted as a discount on insurance, etc. All in all, ultimately, you've pretty done all you can w/ regards to detering him by showing him your concern and expressing how you felt. He's an adult? Every adult have to make their own decisions. Life is about making decisions. I just hope he makes the right ones. Good luck.
09-08-2002 02:54 PM
Originally posted by Javahed
Show him.......

This Link

That goes for any new rider (or old rider that has grown complacent)

Have fun!

HoLY @#[email protected]%!!!!#$ GOLL DAMN!! I'M gonna go kiss my leathers right now!
09-08-2002 01:45 PM
Javahed Show him.......

This Link

That goes for any new rider (or old rider that has grown complacent)

Have fun!

09-05-2002 09:17 PM
Try and guide him as best you can.

He is going to do exactly what he wants to matter what
Try damage control. He is your friend and will listen to you as long as you present yourself in a supportive manner. He wants to go 190 be it. Ride with him out to a clean long straight with no debris or dangerous obstacles and make sure you have a cell phone with the ambulance service on speed dial Don't forget the first aid kit in the back pack. I know that this sounds cold, but I have thought about your situation and put myself in your shoes. If...If he survives, then you can say "I told you." on the way to the hospital. When he comes out of traction, 6mos-1yr, then he will realize that he is NOT 10' tall and bullet proof. I was a knuckle head like your friend when I was younger and had to learn the hard way. I have a feeling that he will be the same way. Do not blame yourself for anything that happens to your friend, and think there was something else that you could have done to stop him. No you cannot knock him out with a bat and lock him in the basement until he comes to his senses

Encourage the helmet and leathers. He won't be 240 very long drinking through a straw for eight weeks
09-05-2002 09:07 PM
BobbyDazzler Make sure he gets good gear and send him on a track day.
Maybe he'll only bin it at the track where he's got some run off to help soften the blow.
I'm sure once he samples the power of the GSXR he'll learn some respect.
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