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Question what happened to Jammin Johny?

noticed he hasnt posted here for like 6 months?
and he's no longer listed as the moderator for this section?
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Still around Hawk!

How are you? AND

How is your drag racing progression?

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havent seen you post for a while, makin sure your still alive

im doing alright, getting closer to my goals for 10's stock.
i tried a front sprocket but i think it slowed me down as i was pulling some 1.85 60's (with some straps) and only got a [email protected]
where before i got a 1.90 and ran a [email protected]
im hoping it doesnt rain tonight, well stops raining tonight and i can go to the track, and get my ten with my stock 16 tooth and straps

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I am glad you are doing well and your racing is doing the same as well! Remember, do not become overly worried about mile-per-hour at the trap. A perfect run will have a slower MPH.

Your 11.19 IS SO CLOSE. Do not worry about the MPH. If your goal is 10's, focus on that relative to your skills and machine set-up. Again, SO CLOSE! I see a 10.989 coming real soon. Being so close;

As for me, still standing ground. Just been busy with the upcoming drag racing events @ California Speedway.

Following years of development, the NHRA Technical Department approved our "XMRA" 2004 Rule Book at the end of March 2004.

Meaning of this:

We become only the 3rd, Nationally Approved, motorcycle only "Alternate Sanctioning Organization". Our Rule Book includes "motorcycle only" categories of drag racing, a freestyle xtreme (stunt) section along with a custom machine show section.

Chat Soon!

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well i made it to the track, was rather humid out, track prep wasnt the greatest and got worse as the night went. id get a good launch and about the end of the 60' mark id hit a wet spot and my rear tire would about slip out from me.
made some 20 passes though and did get a new best, no 10 though.
got a [email protected] were my previous was [email protected]
i did this with a 1.88 60'
i was pretty much stuck on 11.30s most of the night, my 60's wernt to consistant as they varied from 1.85-2.12 and most were 1.90s
When it finally coold off at the end of the night i got my 11.19.
im not sure i can get a 10 the way my bike is set up, untill later in the season when it cools down. my [email protected] with a 1.90 60' was in october with it being about 65* outside.

right now i have the stock 48/16 set up. i tried a 48/15 and the 16 tooth seemed to be faster. I have the bike at stock hieght, with front straps. running a metzler M1 at 30-35 psi.
The bike is stock down to the pipe. set the rear spring preloa to one click harder then i ride on the street, seems to hook/not wheelie the best that way.

on my take off ive been trying to focus on my first jump and my 330's
ive noticed i can squeez a bit more throttle out before i hit the 330 mark to concentrate with the most amount of throttle/accelreation i can get out of first gear. also i think my initial jump is a tad slow trying to figure out how to slip the clutch less on the first 10 feet without wheeling it. hoping that gets my 60's in the 1.79 range.

any other ideas how to get tens in the summer heat?
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Hawk, very nice with the R6!

Try the following:

+2 on Rear from 48T to 50T
Correct Rear tire pressure to 26psi
Correct Front tire pressure to 35psi

You will lose some MPH with the Rear psi and gearing change. You should see improvement in your 60', 330' and E/T with the changes.

Have A Great Time!
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will the tire presure help my ET, it doesnt feel like im spinning, unless i hit a wet spot on the track. maybe i am a little but dont realize it, dunno.

what is your best time and average 60' on your ZX6E?
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The Best Ever Times:

1/8th E/T - 7.13 (375' Elevation) (70 Ambient Temp)
1/4 E/T - 11.356 (1375' Elevation) (82 Ambient Temp)

1/8th MPH - 101 (375' Elevation) (66 Ambient Temp)
1/4 MPH - 120.98 (1375' Elevation) (82 Ambient Temp)

1/8th 60' - 1.674 (375' Elevation) (68 Ambient Temp)
1/4 60' - 1.71 (1375' Elevation) (82 Ambient Temp)

Mind you, this was with a 190# rider.

The 1/8th mile figures were from 1/19/2002 @ Irwindale Drag Strip. We made a total of 18 passes during the "IMPORT ONLY" event. This event we actually won to kick off the 2002 season.

The worst pass was a 7.40, worst 60' a 1.71 (with 12 between 1.674 and 1.69), top MPH at 101 and worst at 95.5 (Most between 96.3 and 99.1)

We have made many changes since and a motor swap due to a #3 cylinder complete detonation!!!

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well those are some killer 60's Im just trying to figure out how to get them down there. I will probably get an adjustable lowering link next season, wonder how much that will help me out.

still tring to figure out how the pros get high nines with a stock engine, stock wheel based 600.

a guy i know has took a stock, lowered R6 and gets 10.50s, granted he is about 30lbs lighter then me (i weigh about 160+gear) and my bike is stock height, but he nets 1.65-1.70 60's and 130+ traps vrs my 123-125 traps

my long term goas are high nines with the R6 with the posibilty of using the giggle gas
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Good rider + Proper Set-up + Proper Mods = GREAT TIMES

LOW 10's - HIGH 9's

1. Lowering HELPS

A. Drop the "trees" (Raise the tubes)
B. Strap the forks

2. Friction Coating

A. Friction coat the axles
B. Friction coat other critical moving parts

3. Computer Management

A. PC3
B. TEKA Remapping

These are above the standard mods such as exhaust, tire choice, weight reduction, rotational weight reduction, etc..

Thanks for your compliment. Yes, the lowering was the primary reason as to why,"mechanically", the 60' times are so low and consistent. I will list the mods that got it there:

1. Replaced .74 OEM Fork Springs w/ .95 RACE TECH SPRINGS
5. Fork Tubes Raised 2"
6. VORTEX Clip-Ons
7. PINGEL Strap
8. 520 14 / 50 Gearing Package

These mods are in addition to ignition and other, non-internal engine changes. Plus dozens of passes to get it there. We are making even more changes to the "E". The latest change is this:

15 / 57 520 Gearing Package

This change coupled w/ the afore mentioned should help put the 60' times near low 1.6's. Would like to see 1.59's.

Chat Soon!

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