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Ive been riding motorcycles since I was little, I love all kinds of motorcycles. I ride trials, pitbikes, single-track, I see sport bikes as just a new kind of motorcycle and now that I'm finally old enough to have one, I'm going to get one.

Theres no way I could wait until Im 20. I plan to be around motorcycles all my life, as soon as I graduate I'm going to AMI and would love to work for a factory race team.

I kinda know how stupid people are, Ive been riding my supermoto CRF on the streets and have had it out on the highway a few times, and I've already had a few close calls on that. One guy pulled right out in front of me and I had a lady turn left in front of me too, luckily a few days before that happened I put on my oversized Galfer front brake, so I got stopped in time, but it was close.

I've also been driving on the street in a car for the last six months on my permit. Im not just some stupid little kid that will go out and do dumb things like stunting and wheelies, Ill respect the power a 600cc sport bike has.
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Bro, I know it sounds like everyone here is talking down to you, but believe me we all got the same interest in mind.
I also understand you not wanting to wait another 4 years for a streetbike, especially if you are lucky enough to afford one at your age.
However, trying to learn two things at the same time, can easily lead to mistakes, and mistakes on bikes tend to at the very least hurt a whole lot.
Riding a sportbike on the street and riding one on the track are two totally different animals. While I'm not a dirtbike person (lack of opportunity, not desire) I suspect that trail riding and racing them are quiet different too.
So if you do get a streetbike this early, take it to the track. Its time well spent, especially if you want to end up in the racing world. Try to keep it off the street, at least for the first year. People on highways are all homocidal maniacs, and they all try to kill you. Really, some arent paying attention and dont give a damn about what happens to you, others just dont like sportbikes and think its real funny to run us over and make us crash. It doesnt register with them that someone is going to die, they look at it like swatting that annoying fly.

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Im not learning how to do two things at once...I know how to ride a bike. I think it would be easier for me to handle a bike than to drive my dads truck. Ive been in situations before where I thought dang, if I had a bike that wouldntve happened, I wouldve known what was going on around me, no blind spots, nothing to block my view. I dunno thats just what I think.
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The 600RR is one sweet ass bike.
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And that is one sweet avatar (sp?)
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You where worried about financing - you can finance anything. I work at a bike shop and you can get financed for anything. Being 16 you will have to have your dad co-sign, other than that there's no problems. A new bike would be sweet but see about getting a used one, not an old pile, but like a '99 to '03. You can pick those up fairly cheap, by that I mean thier not 8 or 9 grand. But if you said you have half, lets guess you have 4500, then you got enough to own one. Plus you'll still be the only kid in school with a bike most likely. Believe me it sucks to down a used bike, but downing a new one sucks more than you can imagine... I have 30 miles on my CBR1000RR. I've been riding since I was a kid too, 6 years on the street. That was my first crash and it had to fucking be on my new one. Anyway buy a used one. Thinking back to high school don't do dumb shit to impress people, its cool enough that you have a bike, when you crash in the school parking lot you won't be so cool. Good luck...


I tried to pull some high school tail with my bike, but everyone said I was an old pervert. "I'm only 24" I said as I rode away, crying softly to myself. I now get the meaning of "15 will get you 20"
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Lot of darn good suggestions on the other posts. Give them a lot of thought & remember when you are 16-----well with a hot trotting sportbike you are going to do some crazy things that even you will be telling yourself you were so wrong & what made you do that. Unfortunately it is your age.

Believe me I speak with experience as I was riding & driving when 16 yrs of age & then into basically all forms of dirt comp & some road racing for 42 ys PLUS riding the streets & hwys being a grand total of 59 yrs on bikes.

The combination of racing, along with riding steets/hwys plus driving was a god send to me. You see I really had no peers to follow or elders with advise as WWII was over in latter part of '45 so I rode a piece of old junk in the bush illegally till of age in '46.

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Originally posted by CRF_173
I've also been driving on the street in a car for the last six months on my permit. Im not just some stupid little kid that will go out and do dumb things like stunting and wheelies, Ill respect the power a 600cc sport bike has.
Believe me, nobody here thinks you're a stupid little kid that wants a sportbike to go intentionally riding like an idiot. You sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders.

The point is just it takes some miles under your belt driving/riding any vehicle on the street before you really get a good feel for how to react in certain situations. And unfortunately, you may not fully realize this, because 6 months isn't a long time. The worst thing is you can't always anticipate what other drivers are going to do, and the only way you'll learn to minimize certain risks is by making mistakes. Those mistakes are better made with a cage around you.

Either way, if you do end up getting a street bike right off the bat, definitely take the MSF, and buy some good riding gear. And definitely don't be afraid to ask questions!
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I am in a similar boat to you. I've been riding dirt bikes and Im now moving to the street. I know that no one is questioning your skill riding bikes, especially if there givin you the go ahead on a 600rr, car drivers are morons. Three weeks ago I was stopped at a stop sign in my mazda and a truck just drove right though me. When I got out he just say "I didn't see you there" if i was on a bike I woulda been dead at that point (half my mazda is missing). I definatly agree with everyone about getting more road experience before taking a bike out on the road. If they can miss a lime green mazda they can miss anything. My best suggestion if you are still all out gung ho on getting a bike at 16 is stick the the back roads and dont ride it to school. If people driving for years are bad drivers not seeing you, just think about 16-18 year olds just learning to drive. Most of them are more worried about impressing the other people around them than whats infront of them.

Good luck racing,
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Good luck paying for insurance. With you being 16 and a brand new bike the insurance payment will probably be more than your bike payment, I sure as hell know mine would be if I had bought a new bike and i'm 22.
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