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Unhappy this is embarrasing-still can't figure it out!

I own a YZF600r 05' and I've been riding for just a few months now and i've got a little over 2 grand on the milage. For the life of me a STILL keep stalling(killing?) the engine when i try to come off from a stop light. I seem to do it 1 out of 30 stops on average. MUCH better then my first week(every other stop light!). I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong! I will be in first gear, light turns green, i begin releasing the clutch slowly, the bike will pull itself forward without any throttle help from me(idle speed at 1100). Once the wheels start turning fast enough i start on the throttle LIGHTLY! Most of the time i do it correctly but almost everytime i start from a stop light the bike does that scary shaking feeling like its going to die. It happens right after i start letting off the clutch. I will give it gas and the engine makes a dragging noise that enventually smooths out and after that i'm shifting just fine! When I kill the engine what happens is I start to let off the clutch from the stopping point and give it gas, but then the entire bike will rock VIOLENTLY back and forth a few times and the engine dies. Then i restart and try again and get it after the 2nd or 3rd try. Is it just a matter of taking off really slow? Cause my take offs are REALLY slow, like the cars behind me almost try to go around me slow... Is my idle to low? Oh and one more thing, i have yet to sucessfully start off from a steep hill(about a 30 degree incline or higher) I have no problem starting off when i'm on a downslope, I just release the clutch real slow and of course gravity gets my bike going fast enough to where I can easily give it gas and go. The best part about the downward slopes is I don't get that violent shaky reaction from the engine!! Wow...long post, sorry! But please someone help me with this dilema! I don't want to be a noob forever!! thanks!

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Ok I'll take a shot... Give it some gas!!! I never let the clutch out without gas. Try and hold the RPM at 1500 to 1800 while letting the clutch out. As you let the clutch out you should be rolling about the same on the gas. Never let the clutch out then give it gas, I'm suprised you don't stall every time you do that. So try rolling on the throttle about the same speed as your letting out the clutch. No car should take off faster than you, unless it's some guy in a drag car. Hope this helps...
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Thanks so much for the advise! Sorry to sound like a noob but i just couldn't take it anymore and i had to ask... I'm going riding by myself tonight and maybe i can find a nice clean empty parking lot to get some practice. The reason i never gave it gas is because i was afraid that the bike was going to take off like a rocket and I DON'T want that happening. Thanks again, your advise is very helpfull!
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But they are called crotch-rockets for a reason! Your bike might need more or less throttle, just let the clutch out slow at first, you'll get the hang of it in no time. I would jump on my bike and let you know my exact rpms on take off but I shattered my wrist so I'm out for awhile. But it's pretty easy to learn once you know what to do, so good luck and let me know how it goes.
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damn it matrixman give it some gas!

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Mate, you shouldn't be riding a new 600 if you're still stalling a bike on take-off and can't do hill-starts.

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Hey Matrix, I know exactly how you feel. Best solution, find a nice empty spot and practice for half an hour or more if you need it. Half hour should suffice, easy to get it, you just have to feel the engagement point where the clutch slips and bike starts rolling, and give it some gas. Just do some practice, public road is not the place to get these things right, for your own safety at least. Eventually, you can just give it gas before engaging the clutch and take off much faster than most cars, don't be shamed about cagers getting irritated and passing you. Just get those launch practices done, and you'll look back and laugh at this. Real fun comes when you're having to dump the clutch from standstill at 8K rpm for getting quick 1/4 mile times and keeping the front wheel down, hehe.

Also if you haven't taken MSF, you must do so. Otherwise, by the sound of it, you're putting yourself and other around you in danger.

Good Luck and post back.
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A sportbike is not a potato-potato-potato V-twin cruiser. It does not work well at low revs & believe me it will NOT lug at low revs.

I have a '97 YZF-600R & I gas the bike, slip the clutch & take off fast. My take-off is usually across the road before most cages get moving.

The bike you & I have is lousy below 3 thou in revs so up the throttle, slip the clutch in take offs & turn up the wick man & get moving.

Forget the idea that you should be riding like a HD or Cruiser people do otherwise get ride of it & buy a Cruiser or a HD. For all sportbikes are with peaky engines they are not for puttering around at slow speeds.

Also keep the revs above 3 grand & closer to 4 thou when riding around town & same on the hwys for you should be around 5 thou to higher even if you have to go down a cog or two from top gear to keep within the speed limit. These bikes like a lot of snap & go so they can really sing at higher revs.

I am always at loss as to why someone new to m/cing buys a sportbike when they know nothing about the different variations of m/cs & that they must realize that a sportbike is a high revving bike with a peaky engine ---they do not putter around town like a HD or a Cruiser.

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Originally posted by Smitty
A sportbike is not a potato-potato-potato V-twin cruiser. It does not work well at low revs & believe me it will NOT lug at low revs.
Amen, Smitty. Even a V-twing sportbike is no cruiser. I stalled the SV650S a few times just from thinking that it will take off at idle, but it don't. The bike is tuned to be happy at 3000RPM and above, all there is to it.

matrixman, I think everyone who had not taken the MSF route could relate to your problem. It takes some practice to learn the clutch slipping technique on take-off. Actually, my wife did take the MSF class, but she still found it beneficial to find a large parking lot and practice coming to a stop, then taking off turning, like from a stop sign. You definitely want to get that down, because if you find yourself fumbling with clutch/throttle combination, while making a right-hand turn from a stop sign, you may find yourself in the oncoming traffic lane, and that's not cool. Taking off and stopping are the most essencial traffic manouvers. Find the time to practice them away from traffic, you'll be glad you did.
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Not to keep saying the same thing over again, but roll on the throttle and then let the clutch out gradually. Don't just dump it to get moving. I usually roll on and start slipping the clutch until the bike feels right. While doing this you can add throttle if it feels it's lagging, or roll off a little if it feels like too much.

Good luck with the practice.
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