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Call me crazy but...

I've never owned a bike before and I'm planning on buying the new 06 r6.

I've had some experience on bikes. I wouldn't call myself experienced or seasoned... I'd consider myself a rider who had the basics down. I've been on dirt bikes a lot but I understand that they are a whole different ball park and aren't that similar to street bikes.

I've been on street bikes for a grand total of probably around 50 hours.

I'm really debating buying a crappy bike for more experience, but money is tight. Can't quite finance a used bike.

Either way, I just wanted some opinions from people. I know some will be supportive, some harsh, any feedback is appreciated. I know it might seem stupid to want a brand new bike as a first bike that I can actually call my own... but have you seen them?

They are very nice.

Well I've read a lot about safety and I'm signed up to take a 3 day class here in a couple weeks that teaches more in depth rider safety and defensive riding.

Well like I said, feel free to give any feedback to me, it will all be appreciated. Oh and I don't know if this matters any, but I live way out in the country where all the roads are one lane and the traffic is minimal. So I think my surroundings are safer than most places.. but I could be wrong
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First and foremost, welcome to SBW!

Now, at the risk of sounding sarcastic, I have a few quick q's for you...

Q.1 What looks cooler: FA-18 Hornet or a Cessna?

Q.2 Which one do you reckon is harder to fly?

Q.3 Which one do pilots learn to fly in?

Q.4 Why?

In God, we trust; all others must provide data.
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Oh man... I'd love to live there... hell anywhere in a sentence that has traffic and minimal together.

Now on to bikes:

checkout: Kawasaki Ninja 250/500
Suzuki GS500F/SV650
Honda Rebel 250
Honda F2/ Hornet 600 is you're naturally precautious
Yamah FZR600

I don't know what your budget is, but please keep in mind you'll need at least $500-1000 for good/decent gears. The bikes I listed should run you anywhere from $1000-4000 in good condition.
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I get it

It's hard to get more bike experience without a bike though.

I have the basics down, I've heard people say the R6 was a good second bike but a terrible first bike. I just don't know if it's worth buying a first bike at this point. I have the basics, but there is obvious room for improvement.

I'm just afraid I will end up buying this bike and not getting my money's worth from it.

I drive a 2000 toyota tundra right now. Yeah, 60-80 bucks a week on gas is killing me. I only work part time at the UPS. So like 200 bucks a week. (im only 19!)

I've already mapped alternative routes to work that would be safer on a bike, I already have signed up for the safety class on bikes. Everything seems to be going perfect for me.. but I'm starting to feel afraid that I'm going to lay down a beautiful brand new 06 r6 3 days into ownership.

That would really suck ass. I was never afraid of a brand new bike before I started reading these forums. Damn you guys.
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I'm a bit confused by your logic here. If money is "tight", why not by a cheaper, older bike and some good gear. You will still learn to ride on it just the same. As you ride, you will actually learn about bikes, because regardless of what you think you know now it will change greatly after a year or so on two wheels. Ride the older bike, learn to ride, learn about bikes, and all the while you can save a bit for the new bike you will eventually want.

An old bike may not look as cool, but it can be just as reliable (think stress-tested) as long as it is in good condition. To determine that condition, take along a friend that knows about bikes to inspect it for you before purchase.

Also, a new bike, that has been dropped and rashed, and which you are forced to ride anyway - due to money being "tight", will probably look like shit anyway.

Riding is riding friend, and to a new rider a new bike may be more trouble, and cost, than it is worth.

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The R6 is a very unforgiving bike for a first street bike. I, like you, rode dirt bikes for years. I bought a katana 750 for my first street bike. Not saying the 750 is better to learn on. But it (the katana) was easier to learn on street. When I got the R6 it was very touchy and it gave me a few scares. Very sensitive to throttle. I guess my best advice would be to buy any thing other than a new super sport bike. What ever you decide, do not buy a super sport liter bike.

"The good, & the evil; there never really is one without the other...!?"
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In response to Speedboy:

Well, money is pretty tight. (get it)

Ok, bad joke.

But the reason a new bike would be cheaper to me is the fact that I could finance an r6 for 140 a month. As where an older bike I would have to spend 2,000 or so right on the spot.

I think you guys are probably right. Just 5 minutes ago I tried to work out a deal with my parents where if they bought me an older bike I'd learn to ride on it and then sell it when I upgraded to an R6 and pay them whatever difference to make up for it.

So wish me luck there!

But I don't have too much saved. I know that I will need to buy bike gear before I can actually take it out riding.

Can someone give me a list of the gear I should buy? Not brand names but just the basics. Like helmet, gloves, etc.

Trying to get an idea of how far off my sport bike fantasy is. I hope to own an r6 by november something. I figure a month of serious riding on an older bike will give me a feel for riding again, and HOPEFULLY give me the preperation for the R6.
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Originally posted by Radke2953
...I'm just afraid I will end up buying this bike and not getting my money's worth from it...
Your No.1 priority should be safety anyway. We like to see new riders become old riders and the chances of that happening when you start on a twitchy, high performance bike are somewhat diminished, hence the higher insurance.

If you get a decent 2nd-hand bike at a good price and you look after it, chances are you'll get most of your money back on it in a year.

In God, we trust; all others must provide data.
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money IS tight!

I hope you consider the price of insurance in the deal with you folks. I had to work some magic to get myself some decent rates. Anyway, funny story. The second day I had my CBR F4i, I almost got launched off the back of that sucker. Don't be afraid, just have respect. Other than that, go for it.
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I'd say get a late 70s or early 80s standard issue Japanese streetbike and get familiar with the general operations of riding.

As cookee eluded to, it won't be worth much less in a season or a year than you paid for it, so it's basically free experience.

Then get a sportbike.

This is the path I took, and I feel like it served me well. I still had trouble at very low speeds (less than 5 mph) on my first sportbike, but I was a hell of a lot better off than if I'd had to learn on a twitchy replica.

Best of luck to ya. Whatever you do, be safe out there. Cars are not concerned with your well being.
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