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How much coverage on insurance do you have

What kind of coverage do you have?

I know insurance varies from area to area.

What is considered low, avg and high coverage?
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I just have the bare minimum required in new york. My policy is with progressive and it cost me $311 for a year coverage. Im 18, have a 94 katana 750, no accidents, no defensive or other driving courses. Bike insurance is pretty cheap actaully.
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The least I can get away with legally being 1 million Liability though have included Fire & Theift as it is only $27.00 for the 6 months I insure the bikes.

Up untill it became compulsory, in '68, I carried NO insurance.
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Full coverage. I upped the liability covers by 10k over the minimum required (the minimum is 35k for vehicle damage, so if I hit a blingy navigator, I might get sued for the rest) I pay $100/mo for the bike being 24 years old. Next year it should drop considerably.

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Here's my opinion. Full coverage insurance on my bike would've cost 75% of what I paid for it for 1 year, and i only get about 4 good months of riding here. This was just not worth it to me. State minimum through progessive cost like $230 for the full year. It is not worth it to me to spend that much on insurance, when i didn't pay too much for the bike. I can save my money, and buy a new bike every riding season for that much.


Since some people get confused easily.

Full coverage insurance on my bike for one year = $1800

State minimum coverage insurance on my bike for one year = $230

I opted for the $230 price tag since the purpose of getting a bike was to save money on gas, not to kill me on insurance prices.

Hope this clears up any confusion.

Thanks for making a new member feel welcome here, i really appreciate it.

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So lets see here, Hashi. Didn't you say elsewhere that you are married, have a kid?

So, you are willing to ride with no insurance? So if you have an accident and become permanently disabled, can't work any more? Now wife has to take care of your sorry a$$ and work two jobs. Before you say "oh, Fuster, but I have medical insurance, no worries!", let me stop you. You have pain and suffering, so does your family. Now they are on the hook for your debt such as on your bike that you were too selfish to insure. Your health insurance could fail to pay some bills or portions of bills. Your family is suffering too from your stupidity and now disability. I think I also read in one of your recent posts that you think you are more mature than others your age (mid twenties?), or something like that. I think not.

Insurance is there to protect you when someone hits you and they have no insurance. If you are stupid enough to think health insurance is all you need, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. If you survive a bad motorcycle accident, you will likely need years to recover partially. If you shatter a leg, it will end up 1/2 to maybe 2 inches shorter than your other leg. Think again about the health insurance. It does not pay for all the pain and suffering from the hip and back problems resulting from such injuries. It will not get you job retraining now that you are too disabled to work in your field of choice. It does not pay for lost wages while you recover.

The next thought you are having is: "oh, Fuster, those things happen, but they will not happen to me, I am so careful!" Think again, bub, it happens to careful people, nice people, benevolent people. They get hit. They become disabled. They get brain damage. They become a huge burden on their family and society when they ride with no insurance. You are so selfish you want to fulfill your instant gratification needs at the potential depletion of your wife and child's financial future.

This is beside the matter of the illegality of operating a motor vehicle with no insurance.

Boy, some people are so self centered they are blind.


"...If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters the'll be a Man, my Son!"

- Rudyard Kipling

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Down fuster! down!
Seriously, lay off the new guy.

Seriously on the subject of insurance. Auto coverage does not pay for pain and suffering. Not without getting sued. Which can easily take over a year, that first really hard year, when you really need the money. The medical portion of auto insurance covers up to $2,500 (Also this may very from state to state). Your ER visit will cost $1000, without much of anything being done. In other words, auto insurance does not cover your medical too well. Read your contract.

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I agree with Fuster. Insurance is NOT there to protect you and your bike nearly as much as it is, to pay off cars, medical expenses, and property damage that you cause OTHERS if you get into an accident. You could replace your bike for just a little more than you pay for ins... but can you cover the 100,000 medical expences the guy you hit racks up? Can you cover that 130,000 Porsche you just smacked and caved in the whole side on? Probably not.

That said..

I have full coverage on my bike plus $20,000 over on med expences, less a $500 deductable. I pay $1,200/year, and I am 24.

When someone says they are mature for their age... I often wonder how they gauge that. I am of the belief that once you pass your teenage years, you can no longer act more mature, only immature.
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You are a rude asshat fuster. Insurance is there because it is a business. Insurance companies are there to make a profit off you. He has his choice in how he wants to do things and I think you can go lick a dick next time you feel like you are superior to someone else.
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I have full coverage.

My truck got smashed by someone with no insurance. I am still chasing them around legally to get my money. I HATE DEADBEATS.
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