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Need some opinions

Need a few questions anwser'd.

First off, I am slightly new to the street bike world. I take that back I AM new to the STREET bike world.

I've rode many a motorcycles and have ridden god knows how many dirt bikes (Know thats like night and day difference). Anywho, what I'm getting to is forget all the "No, you can't handle a 600."

I'm sure I can't when I get it, or even for a good while. But this is not gonna be my primary mode of transportation and I plan on taking training courses.

Ok, enough of that.

I want to get what you would say the safest 600 for a "beginner" rider. I've been leaning toward the honda RR because people say it is less prone to unwanted wheelies and not just a horsepower crazed machine (yet still more then enough).

What I would like to know is your opinions on any extra's I could add to the bike to make it more stable and safe?

What safety GEAR do you recomend I purchase? Even if they have safe shoe laces which should I choose? Since I only plan riding this during leisure time.

I really appreciate your opinions and hope I get some mature responses, not just negative "No, too much power" posts. This board has tons of knowledge on it and I'd like to get as much as I could!

Thanks again.
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If you're going to get a 600, I'd recommend something a bit older. Probably best to get something along the lines of an F2 or F3, but if you're against getting something that old, than get something at least 4-5 years old. Bikes from 1999 or 2000 are still awesome looking and at least they aren't QUITE as powerful as the ones nowadays. Plus there are loads of parts for them around, so when you drop it, you can replace the parts cheaper.

Personally, I started on a 2001 F4i and did fine and love it, and am doing my first track day soon. A buddy of mine started on a 2001 Gixxer and has been down twice. I think starting on a 600 is a bad idea for a LOT of people, but not all. Some people are naturally good riders that pick it up easily.

If you really want to get a 600, get something at least a few years old. You won't have to take the initial depreciation hit that way. Plus, like I said, bikes from 99-01 still look hot as hell. The 05's are probably not a very good idea to start with though (expensive, initial depreciation, getting lighter and more powerful every year).

As for which model, they're all basically the same. Some have slightly different ergos, and as a result fit different people. Personally, I don't feel comfortable on Gixxers, some of my friends don't feel comfortable on my bike. Everyone is different, so buy the bike that is most comfortable to YOU.
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The modern designed 600ss are all pretty well the same.

If you can find a used Honda F2 or F3 & it is in good shape then sensible buy.

Still if not & wanting of a good bike in sportbike design look at the '05 Yamaha YZF600r or the Kawasaki ZZ-R600 & you will have a slightely older design though totally new 600cc sportbike. Both have better mid-range engines, best of stopping power (something you will have to learn all over again as pavement is so different to dirt plus 90% of the stopping power is at the front) & are more forgiving in handeling.

Most makers NOW realizse that the very latest designed sportbike is not the next step up into the sportbike world from dirt, regular riding postion bike, or such. Honda is counting on their CBR600F4i while Suzy has the SV-650 & 650S so reason I mention the Yamaha & Kwacker above. Also makers are trying to read the minds of those wanting to step up & why so many are also offering Naked bikes being a slightely detuned sportbike engine, to even a new design, geard a hair lower & more suitable for pillion rider, possibly a center-stand & such.
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I know you said you're looking for a 600 but my buddy just started out on a brand new Suzy GS500. He's had it about 2 months and for the most part is already keeping up with the rest of us. The bike is similar to a sportbike but a little more relaxed seating position. I don't think he could accidentally pull a wheelie if he tried (then it wouldn't be an accident). It's a great starter bike and I'm glad he didn't jump right on a new 600cc crotch rocket or he might not be with us. Katana's are one of the ugliest bikes in my book but I think they're a very good starter bike as well for the same reasons, the seating posture is comfortable and their a little heavier which should help keep the mph's a little lower. They come in a 600 and 750... obviouly I recommend the 600 for a NooB. I'm no expert that's just my
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crazy2758 is correct. The vertical twin 500cc bikes by Suzy & Kawasaki are probably the two best bikes for newbies to the pavement & what suggest to most.

Still since you seemed so strong on a sportbike & saying you have so much dirt riding experience I pointed out what would be an ideal next step after either of the 500s.
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I agree, if you HAVE to get a 600 sportbike, don't buy new. I don't care what you hear that a new RR isn't as wheelie prone...bull. The new CBR is a f'n rocket. And with a used bike you may be less pissed fixing those pretty fairings when you drop the bike.

Katanas are heavier, more comfortable, and less powerful than the CBRs, GSXrs, and Yamaha R6''s for the most part unchanged since the late 80's except for the look, and some other upgrades. Which is why going with an earlier model CBR is a good choice as well, not quite as light, powerful and unforgiving as the brand new ones.

Suzuki GS500 is an excellent choice...also, have you looked at the Suzuki SV650S, with the full fairing? That's a sweet bike, light, quick, and a decent 600 for a newbie.

Just keep in mind, the reason people say a new 600 supersport isn't a good starter bike isn't only because of how fast they are. You're going to make mistakes learning to ride, there's a learning curve. The brakes, handling, and throttle are very sensitive, and unforgiving to these mistakes that everyone makes while learning.

Good luck, and make sure you take the MSF
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Thanks for the info guys, I'm alittle arrogant(sp)?, one of my downfalls.

I totally agree on getting something better to start out on, but how much cheaper will these bikes be? I understand it will be cheaper then dropping and replacing a new ones fairings.

I just don't want somthing I am gonna reach my potential on, or better yet get bored of, in about 6 or 7 months.

I'm not new to learning how to ride something, I've done that alot, just new to riding Sportbikes. Which like everything else takes time and patience. I'm confident I won't do something stupid to mess myself up.

Although, that doesn't mean I won't unintentionally wreck just from inexperience. I just feel that is the risk im gonna have to take.

I guess I'm just gonna have to sit on and maybe ride them down the road and back or something to feel which one I would really like.

Thanks guys
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I doubt if you will be able to ride a new bike, & sometimes now a used bike as the owner may say no. You might be able to if the shop knows you & has a few 'used' bikes they have taken in trade.

To many will wipe out on a sportbike if they have not riden such a bike before. Reason I say riding the pavement is so different to dirt. Take into consideration I put 42 yrs into not only riding in the dirt, but in dirt competition along with practicing so I know the vast difference for 5 or those yrs were also in road racing & right now this is the start of my 59th year of riding m/cs which tells you I almost have 59yrs of riding the hwys & streets.
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Some starters (500 ninja for example) can be had for about $3k. Best part is that they can be sold for that in 6mo. So you are not out any money.

If you want a bike that will last you, check out the SV650. Its easy to ride, yet its an extremly capable bike. Its one of the alltime favorite track bikes. And it accepts suspension of the gixxer...

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*cough* I bought a 2003 ZX-6R as my first street bike, and I grew up on dirtbikes, too. its not "night and day" difference... there are just a few things you have to adjust to. For example, leaning with the bike is no longer a bad thing when cornering, You cant stick your foot out on the corners, exc. I didnt take a safty course or anything like that, although I would still recommend it. I am a true believer in knowing as much as possible, and any place you can gain knowledge is a good place to go.

I am sure you can handle a 600CC bike if you grew up on dirtbikes. The problem most beginners have with 600CC bikes is not understanding the capabilities of a bike, or knowing the limitations. But, having grown up on dirtbikes, I am sure you know all of that.

and remember the most important lesson of all... It isnt what YOU do on the road that makes the road unsafe as much as what the cars on the road do, and how they respond to you. Remember... Cars dont try to run you down while you are riding in the woods.

Be safe, learn all you can, and dont buy into the whole "Ninja 500" thing. If you grew up on dirtbikes, you will be fine with a 600. Not only that, but you will most likely get bored with a smaller bike EXTREMELY fast.

The advice you find on this forum is usually geared toward a new rider (not a dirtbike rider) due to the fact that a lot of people on this board have not grown up around dirt bikes, and do not understand the similarities. However, once you set aside the disputes over weather or not you can handle a 600CC bike, the advice they offer is top notch. The gear, the courses, exc.
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