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Talking How about a 2005 RSV1000R ( I know I'am Hard Headed)

Is the 2005 RSV 1000R difficult to learn to ride if the proper beginner classes and track classes are taken?

I do have experience riding dirt bikes, but I really want an RSV and I will take what ever classes necessary to learn to respect it and ride it effectively.


manderso (5 '11, 285)
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Thumbs up

Since no one responded, I searched and searched and found the answer my self. It seems that most people who have reviewed this bike state that it's much easier to ride and control (Compared to Japanese 4 cyl bikes) because of the V-Twin's more balanced power delivery.

Here is one of the reviews I found.
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I doubt you'll find too many on here who suggest learning on a literbike. That is not to say it can't be done, it's just not suggested. You sound like you've made up your mind already though, so what is it you want us to say?

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Hope that hard head bounces off of asphalt well.

I think it is an extremely POOR idea to buy a big bike for a 1st bike. But, it sounds like you don't like advice, so why bother?
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I say don't start on anything you wouldn't want see hitting the pavement at 20+ mph. I hate to tell you but the odds are against you. It's possible to learn and never drop that bike but it's not going to be likely.

I remember reading somewhere your average sportbike 600 and up has an average lifespan of 3 months before it's totaled. The dealership I got my bike from even warned me against it. They told me about a guy that wrecked his new sportbike right in front of the dealership, and another guy a week ago wrecked his under 20 miles.

Another thing is if you wreck those 600s or 1000s it's going to cost a lot more to repair.
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First of all, I didn't ask you if I should or shouldn't buy a literbike!

I asked if anyone knew how easy it was to learn to ride on the RSV1000 R (Mabe you mis-understood my question, I wanted to know how hard is it to adjust to the bikes power and handling, is it easy or not, and your experiences) . Further more, if you could not answer my question, or don't have any experience riding this particular bike then you should not have replied. I have read all the posts with you guys going back and forth about what bikes to start out with. I am well aware of all your "start small" advice. I appreciate your warning, but I don't need someone telling me what I can't do, or how my hard head will hit pavement!
I don't repsond well to people telling me what can't be done or what I can't do, as far as ability is concerned, especially when that was not my question.

I have belief in myself, my composure, and my ability to learn.

Again my question was how easy or hard is it to learn how to ride the RSV. I am not talking about how to ride a bike (Step 1...) because I already know how do that. I was referring to it's ridability and how it handles in every day situations. Most of your advice is about peaky bikes that can take you by surprise, and all the other advice you think we "begginers" are to stupid to know in the first place, like which way to turn the throttle or how hard to sqeeze the front brake. I mean, come on guys, any dumb @ss who has rode a bmx bike knows if you clutch the Hell out of the front brake you forhead will meet pavement. That was just an example.

All I am saying is I want information about this bike and how it handles, the rpm's, when does it turn rocket ship? You know stuff like that.

Most of you really should not start bashing people before you know there stituation. I am aware if I drop or crash an Aprilia that it will cost greatly, but if money where a problem for me I would not get an Aprilia in the first place. If that is the route I choose to take, I plan to get private lessons and go to track school so I can learn the power of the bike the right way. What, you think I'am going to buy the bike, take the bigginers course, get my License, and just take it on the road and go for it! Yeah, right!

To all who have experience on an Aprilia RSV 1000R or have something positive to say, feel free to respond.



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as usuall, asking questions but then ignoring answers because nobody says what you want to hear. I got a older 600, and i've dropped it twice and my friend wrecked it prety good, all in teh 1st week. Yea, i'd recommend you get a liter bike for sure....i have stock in all the companies...
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It's kind of hard to take any motorcycle reviews seriously, because not once have I read a test rider coming away from a test on a new bike and saying it ran like total shit. They always say it's the next best thing. I doubt many people have the RSV; this is maybe why you didn't get a response at first, so maybe you check a RSV owner's club site.

If you are honest that money isn't an issue with your purchase, and neiter is repairing the bike, because of your upcoming spill, then there should be no reason why you won't have all the latest safety gear.

Take the MSF course and then take some other course immediately, like a trackday, (check the clubracing forum on where to find one, you can even rent bikes and leathers at some), because putting around a parking lot at 25 MPH through cones is nothing like 75 mph in a congested city or on the highway. As for ease of learning, all bikes are the same on the straights and turns. It's when you accidentally or intentionally use too much throttle that makes some difficult to ride. This is why people in this forum are concerned with a liter bike as a first experience.


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Thanks Trevor, I really appreciate your advice and should I decide I want an RSV, or what ever bike I choose, I will do just that. I plan to learn learn learn before I ever take the bike out on general streets. My plan is MSF, Advanced, Trackschool, Trackdays, more Trackschool, and then general riding with full knowledge the bikes powerband and how it handles.

And for Yarbsea, As I stated earlier I asked a certain question and wanted an answer which pertains to that question. No matter what answer I get, if it comes from someone who has experience on an RSV and knows how it hanldes, they can give me advice on what to look for and expect out of the bike. And it is also not my problem you let your friend trash your bike. I am not you and since your not Miss Cleo you don't know what I am going to do when I get my bike (be it crash or ride flawlessly, which I might do). Lets get something straight, I didn't ask anyone to believe in me, because I have belief in myslef and my ability to take direction and learn. No matter what I learn on, if I take my time and get the proper training I will master the bike.

So chill out.... It's not about me getting a Bike just because it's a liter, I just want a bike that I like, the look, the feal, seating position, the sound, and I'll get aclimated to the power in time, after a couple of track days/schools.

Once again, thanks

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the front end will come up on acceleration alone at 3K in first few gears, much like Ducati 999's.
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