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Angry Bought a '03 YZF600R - Long

I bought a new 03' blue YZF600R but it wasn't brand new. It was one the returned to the original dealer after only 170 miles. I was planning on buying used but I got a pretty good deal on this bike. It was for sale for $6,499 and I offered them $6,000 out the door and they took it. It took some bartering and twice going back to the sales manager but they finally said yes. The final price of the bike was $5,500 something.
Thats the good part, now for the bad.

I was riding it from the dealer back 60+ miles to my home and something happened. When I first left the dealer I was stuck in traffic for about 9 miles and that took almost an hour to get through. But then as soon as I passed the accident that caused the back up I got up to highway speed (60-70mph) and the bike just stoped Everything just cutoff on the bike. Some fuse blew and it turned everything off on the bike and it won't start at all. So now I am 10 miles from the dealer and the dealer was actually closed before I left. I was 50 miles away from the house so what do I do??? I stopped some guy on a harley and he helped me find what the problem was. Something is shorting or grounding out on the bike. The harley guy took one fuse from the other side of some little box that wasn't blown and replaced the blown fuse and as soon as he put in the fuse it blew too. So its something electrical wrong with the bike.

I didn't know what to do so I just pulled the bike into a little strip mall that was right there and left it. I parked it under a streetlight but I don't know the neighborhood at all. It's 10 miles from the dealer and 50 miles away from me. Lucklily my wife was following me and I was able to get home. I didn't tow it back to the dealer cause it was closed (and will be until thursday) and it would be the only bike outside. And I didn't tow it back to where I live just to have it towed back to the dealer 60 miles away two days later.

The dealer is closed tommorrow and I won't be able to get to the bike or the dealer until Thursday morning January 2. So, do you guys think I did the right thing? Hopefully no one will mess with the bike while its there. I have theft insurance on it but I will make the dealer pay for anything that happens to the bike cause it was only 11 miles from where I bought it. It has a warranty until september of 2003 so I'm covered for that too. I'm thinking I'll ask for a new 03 bike but I doubt they will bite on that. But I will try hard to get one. Then if they won't budge on that I will try to get free frame sliders, a key and some other free stuff. Hopefully I will get something that will compesate me cause I will have to drive another 120 miles round trip when I didn't intend to. And now I don't have a bike for 2 days that I paid cash money for!!! If you guys think of another way I should approach it please let me know.

On another note I think I will be fine having a yzf600r for my first bike. For the hour I was able to drive it, it was kind mild and didn't seem to have any of the big 600 power that most said would be too much for me. Of course I never went over 4,000 rpm's but the take offs were really mild. From what everyone said, I was thinking that if I use a bit too much throtle on take I would be doing a wheelie or hanging on for dear life. But oh well I don't wanna start anything with you seasoned riders. I just hope to join your ranks in a year or so.
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Sorry for the initiation in riding. 03' YZF600R??...really, for that price, even if they run $7000 brand new. Huh, there is something funny about that? I think you should have towed it to your house, look at it like this, it would only be about say 50-100 dollars to tow it but a lifetime of regret if they steal it or vandalize it....RISE in your insurance premium. I don't know what to tell you, but i hope you got treated fairly when you purchased it. It sure an electrical it completely stock?...since it's under warranty it should cover everything. If the bike was acting up in the first 150miles+, imagine what it will do when it has 1000+miles. Dude, go get the bike from where it is, so you can sleep tonite. Just my $.02 cents that's all...everyone has different opinions. Good luck.

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I think you did the right thing. I mean, what can you do? I would check on it almost every couple of hours if the ride isnt' too far. You never know. As far as the electrical issue. It could just be a blown fuse. I had one where the fuse to the headlight was blown and I thought it was something else. But to be safe, I would take it back to the dealer and speak to the same guy who sold you the ride. Plus that should be under WARRANTY!!!!! I am pretty sure that even with it being used, or slightly used, that checking to see if the electrical system is ok would be something of a priority to them. If that doesn't work, then go right to the sales manager and state exactly what happened with potential customers in plain view. What do you have to lose? Only them and their potential sales.

About the YZF600R being your first bike. I think it's a GREAT first bike. I keep telling my friends that they should consider it because it isn't as manic as the front line 600's and is easier to take delivery. There are plenty of 600R's out there. You can grow into the power and the ergo's aren't killer like the front line 600's. And trust me, you CAN wheelie her. She'll move fast enough for you and within a year you'll be flying like the rest of us. Let us know what happens in the coming days. Have a good new year!!!
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I notified the local police so if anything happens, or if anyone is seen [email protected] with it hopefully they'll stop them cause they know it aint the owner or I'll just get the call telling me that my bike is gone. If anything does happen to it I will take it straight to the dealer and have them fix or replace it. I do have theft insurance on it so I won't be out of the full $6,000. Plus I would get the list price of $6,999 from the insurance so it will cover my costs.

I know its something electrical. Maybe just a wire exposed that is touching something that it shouldn't or just some wire burned out that isn't easily seen. I replaced some fuses but they blew too so I know its not a simple fuse swap that will fix it.

Either way I loved the hour I did spend with it. Hopefully on thursday I can take it out and put 100 miles on her before the weekend.
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Yea baby. Sunny out here in Cali. Goin' for a ride!
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Keep your fingers crossed that the bike will still be where you parked it & not damaged.
In all my yrs of riding m/cs I have never left a bike out in the open & the public of vandals to touch.
Know on a number of occasions I have pushed a heavy Indian or HD some 40 miles HOME.
Towed another friend with his Vincent HRD 1000 & sidecar some 100 miles home at speeds above the speed limit while he nearly froze to death for it was in the Autumn, a cold day & no engine heat coming up as normal.
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Originally posted by noelpm
Yea baby. Sunny out here in Cali. Goin' for a ride!
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Not knowing the area, I can't say what the best thing to do is. I would have looked for a gas station or somewhere more secure than a strip mall, even a farmer or some guy's garage. Chaining it to a post/tree might be a good idea as well. Leaving it out in the open is often just asking for it.

It would be kinda ironic if someone stole it, and then got caught when they tried to get the parts to fix it.
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Well I finally got my bike. The sales manager was being a d!ck. All he said was "Your bike has a warranty and these things happen. We'll fix it for you or you can have your money back."

That kinda messed my game plan up cause he wasn't supposed to offer my money back. I didn't want my money back cause I just got a '03 bike for $5,500 because of 170 miles and a few scratches. He was being such an a$$ that we had to go and get the owner of the store and he offered up $100 in store credit. So I didn't get a new bike which I knew I wouldn't, and I didn't get the extended warranty like I hoped I would but I did get the extra 100 bucks plus 15% off whatever I purchased. So I got a Joe Rocket textile jacket (because leather would only be used 3-4 months out of the year here in Texas) and a bungee thing that gets straped onto the back of the bike to secure a helmet or whatever. I only paid 40 bucks and the Jacket itself was $140. So I guess I did alright. I got my bike plus a jacket. I made the 60+ mile trip home with no problems whatsoever.

The only thing about the ride home is no one told me that Tractor Trailers make so much wind!!! In MSF they mentioned it but damn. Today was windy enough even without the trucks but I could feel them even before they got on side of me. Most cars passed me cause I was only doing 60-65 mph the whole time on the highway and the speed limit was 70. But it was an entertaining, uneventful trip home. The good thing is that I made it safely.

Oh yeah here's the bike

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Glad to hear everything is ok now.
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