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so i saw a minor crash / bike drop yesterday afternoon.

i was at work and needed to take a trip to the post office. jumped on the bike and drove about a mile down the road. droped my mail and started to headed back to work. the road i was on had two lanes going in both directions and was more or less straight. speed limit was 30mph, and the whole strip has speed traps on it all the time.

suddenly, this guy on a ducati monster(?) goes FLYING by me in the right lane. i was doing about 40-45mph. shortly after an SUV with a WC/Choppers sticker goes flying by me also. it looked like he was following the bike. up ahead, i see a school bus with it's blinker on wanting to turn left and cutting across out 2 lans of traffic. i start to slow down. the guy on the bike, and the SUV were now ahead of me in the left lane. i notice the SUV has come to a stop about 30 feet in front of the bus. i start to think that the buy on the bike stopped to let the bus go left, and then i think otherwise. going as fast as he was suburban street, i doubt he would have been considerate enough to stop for the bus. clearly something else was going on. then i see what really happened. the SUV pulls into the right lane to go AROUND a downed motorcycle. the bike driver is yelling and swearing at the bus driver. the bus is *barley* into our lane of traffic. the bus then takes the turn, the guy picks his bike up, and on we all go.

granted, i didn't see everything that happened, i didn't see how the guy went down, or what cuased him to go down, but my guess would be that the bus began to turn left and failed to gugae how fast the bike was going. at this point the guy on the bike slammed the brakes on and lost control of the bike. from the way it looked, he prolly could have swerved around the edge of the bus (no one was in the right lane at all prior to all this happening). my guess also, is that if he hadn't been going at least 55-60mph in a 30mph zone, he would have had pleanty of time to see what was going on react accrodingly. fortunatlly, no one was hurt.


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Originally posted by slickgt1
damn this is great. I am loving this forum so far. I just decided to get myself a bike. I always wanted one, and always got shit for wanting one. But now I can't resist anymore. This thread is great. But i have to admit, its freaking me out a little. Still though, i think I am responsible enough now to know my limits. Thanx all, great info here.
Yeah im a nOOb and reading that has kinda scared me a lil too.

I have a story, but its when I was on a moped so it doesnt matter But if you wear all the protective gear, and ride like every driver isnt paying attention , then you should be fine right?
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Wear your gear, never get complacent, or too relaxed and you'll probably be fine. I know tons of people that have never crashed or have had only minor spills over the years.
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I got one that no one has mentioned about yet. It pertains to passengers. I know it's one of the coolest feelings to ride with a girl wrapped around you. It just feels great. BUT make sure you explain to your passenger the physics of motorcycle riding... what to do and how to not upset the bike balance. Anyways, here's my story:

A friend of mine used to work salvage... cleaning up car wrecks and so on. The story goes, two guys (I think Navy) were stationed in Charleston, SC and ended up downtown. Both ended picking up some girls (who were friends) one of which who had been on a motorcycle before. They all take off going over the Cooper River Bridge to hit one of the islands or the small parking area on the bridge itself (besides, the city looks pretty cool from up there). The first guy is waay ahead and the second rider and passenger (probably stopped by a light) went to catch up.

On taking a corner onto the bridge, the girl leaned the *opposite* of the turn (my guess to counter balance the rider's lean) and the back end shot out turning her into a human projectile. She slammed beneath the guard rail of the C.R. bridge which is only about, oh, six inches high or so from the road.

Wait it gets worse... the guy survives the crash and (if you can imagine what he was thinking) is crawling back towards his bike to see where his passenger is and how she is. About this time, a car is rounding the same corner... going pretty fast... hits his downed motorcycle, pops the front end of the car up (with the bike dragging underneath the car) and slams down on top of the rider.

When the wrecking crew arrived, everyone was looking for the rider. They figured he ran off, scared, whatever. It wasn't until they started to lift the car onto the tow truck that his head came out of the wheel well. My friend saw that and turned away... towards the water... just when they were prying the girl from beneath the guard rail...

Sorry it's a pretty graphic story. Just want everyone to think about passengers too. I've had a few ladies ride with me. I make sure they got good gear on and I give them a 15-20 minute speech on what they should do and what they shouldn't do. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world riding with your lady holding on behind you. Could get bad in a heart beat.

Ride Safe Everyone
-- Omega
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Wow. That's one of the worst stories that I've heard. I'm so fucking glad that my wife wasn't with me. The cylinder head saved my leg, but her's would have taken a bad hit. Makes me cringe to think about it. I can deal with my injuries, but wouldn't cope to well if I messed her up.
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Originally posted by Omega_Purp
.... Could get bad in a heart beat. Ride Safe Everyone -- Omega
CHEESE AND CRACKERS!!! That was graphic for me and I used to drive a Tow Truck… I’ve said it in MANY A THREAD… WEAR YOU DAMN GEAR!! While it probably wouldn’t have helped the driver in the above example, the passenger might have faired better. I saw some pretty nasty crap (literally and figuratively!!!) driving that truck but nothing was as bad as the many motorcycle accidents I picked-up. Not to scare any of the Noob’s reading this thread, but there was only ONE cycle accident that I worked in my time at that job that the rider survived. I always felt a heavy weight in my chest on every call for a motorcycle accident. Of the five friends I lost (all in 2002) to a motorcycle accident, I was on scene for three of them. Everyone was scared to get a call from me when I had that job…

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I was being towed by a friend on my skateboard behind his moped. I lost control and fell. The skateboard went under the moped causing it to bounce to the left in an extreme, sudden change of direction. Hit the curb @ 30 mph & launched into a neighbors front yard. Both of us ended up in ER. Moped totaled. Moral of the story......
Do not attempt this stunt @ home.
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wow - great tips so far. This is great stuff for a newbie like me. Maybe I should hold off on the full fairing after reading this....
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i'd only been riding for a month or two. i started clutching wheelies....only for a couple of seconds at a time or less. well on the way to work(wearing scrubs and a helmet+gloves) poped one up from a red light and flipped it. lost a lot of skin, but the fairings are the ones that hurt the most. morale of the story: don't clutch weelies until you've learned to power them up first... its more predictable. and wear a jacket...save some skin.
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