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really really nice tread...helped a lot
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ya thanks to all you riders who have sharsd your stories. Only knowledge from you will help us to become better riders. Thanks again
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This is a story that will scare the crap out of most riders here...it's a WIDELY circulated story amoung the m/c community where I live...and it may have single handedly changed the reputation of motorcycles for my little city.

About 5 years ago, the memory is still vivid, some kid bought a 1000cc bike about a week before grad, first bike too. Anyway he came to a turn right off a bridge called 'Circle' and tried to turn onto 'Warman' road...he took the turn WAY to fast, and ended up slice/tearing his head off on the guardrail...literally. The paramedics still use the story today to scare us away from drinking and driving...but I'm not sure if he had been drinking. Anyway, the worst part of the story is, his head completely severed, was brought into the hospital along with the rest of him. His mother who worked there as a nurse, wasn't on duty but you can still imagine what she had to go through.

I will ALWAYS wear full gear and never overestimate my riding ability! And I'll always have this story to remind me why...
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While riding my 96 Honda F3, I decided that the small town i was riding in was a race track and that every turn was a chance to show these cagers exactly what a sport bike could do......

the only problem was that it had rained an hour or two before i got on my bike and the roads had dried off for the most part. I thought that a dry road ment that i had no change of slipping. HOWEVER, just cause the road is dry and you probably won't slip doesn't mean that the crosswalk strips are going to grip like asphalt.

I was doing well until i got to the one turn that was a little greater than 90 degrees. I really put an angle on the bike to make the turn, but the cross walk strip decided that it didn't want anything to do with tire and down i went.

the total drop wasn't that damaging to the bike (a clutch cover and some fairing replacements = $400 or so) the thing most damaged was my ego. I laid my bike down in the town where i went to college and it just happened to be in between classes so there was about 200 witnesses. It is a humbling experience to have to pick your bike up infront of 200 people and try to start it.

Leason Learned:
1. draging your pegs should be done on the track.
2. crosswalk strips are plastic and therefore slicker than snot
3. you may look cool going fast but people only remeber the time you went down.

go fast when it's the appropriate time and go slow the other times. its more fun to polish the fairings than replace them.
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Definitely a good read. I rode for 3 years and never had anything resembling a crash. (knock on wood...) I've heard my fair share of stories though. Hopefully when I'm lucky enough to get another bike, I'm lucky enough to keep my record umblemished...
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thank you for this thread. i will be getting my first bike soon (not sure which yet) and this thread made me aware of things that i wouldnt even think of. thank you.
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glad it could help you all.


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lame crash (enough)

This wreck was entirely my fault, and its not even that bad of a wreck, I just thought i might share it.
Back when i had just learned how to use the clutch in about a couple of weeks i went to go take the drivers permit test (in oklahoma you only have to be 14) so i pass and only missed like 3 problems. Alright well it was maybe a few weeks later that my brother is following me in his jeep. So anyways this massive bronco gets inbetween us, and he looks like hes in a hurry so i try to be nice and get out of his way. So i pull off into a neighborhood (going way too fast for a 90 degree turn with sand ) and i turn accordingly going maybe 35-40 somewhere around there and my bike just slaps the ground, hard. Well the guy in the bronco didnt really care that i crashed (i know he saw me) and he just sped on. Anyways my brother comes racing over to see if im alright and i am. I wasnt even scraped up, the only thing that happened was that i had about a 1 inch hole in my jeans. Luckily this was when my brother and me were rebuilding the bike. So the only body part it had on there was just the gas tank (already messed up) and the rear cowling (already scratched and hanging off to the side). So i finnaly learn how to drive my 250 pretty well and so we bought a brand new 2004 body set. A few weeks later i go and take my test and pass. By the way they say 90% of all motorcycle crashes are not caused by the rider, but by the driver of the cars. In this case i was that 10% that was my fault. At the end of it all we didnt lose anything and i learned my lesson and havent crashed since. The bike was pretty much a demolition bike so it didnt really matter if i wrecked it or not so i wasnt too mad.
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I’ve had my fair share of crashes, and learned something from all of them… One that sticks out in my head reading this is my first one. This may sound obvious but for all the new guys out there buying there first used bike, make sure you look (inspect) your bike before you go ride…

I had had my first bike for a couple of hour (yes hours!!!) and had been riding it the whole time. Bought it used from a friend, 68’ Yamaha enduro, a dirt bike but street legal where I lived. I was finally riding home after about 5-6 hours cruising and was going a little fast but not out of my experience and pulled into my driveway at about 50mph (easy turn, 110ft of driveway) and hit the brakes… but there was no brakes!!! I had a very small amount of rear brake but there was nothing up front… So I started downshifting… I hit the fence at the rear of the drive way at an estimated 35-35mph, went over the bars and the fence without my superman cape and hit a tree. NO GEAR and a USED helmet! I was VERY, VERY lucky and only broke my arm in three places. My Mom watched the whole thing and STILL to this day (16 years later) gives me crap about riding.

After the accident, my father and I went thru the wreckage. I had blown the engine downshifting, the front brake lines had a very small, barely leaking hole just above the caliper and the rear brake was metal to metal. Upon talking to my friend that sold me the bike, he had noticed a little bit of oil on the floor of the shed it was in but knew it leaked a little bit. I went over to the shed a few days later and found it was not oil but brake fluid.

Since then I do a walk around before EVERY ride! Even on the 250 when it only had 5 miles on it (and found a leak, by the way)

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damn this is great. I am loving this forum so far. I just decided to get myself a bike. I always wanted one, and always got shit for wanting one. But now I can't resist anymore. This thread is great. But i have to admit, its freaking me out a little. Still though, i think I am responsible enough now to know my limits. Thanx all, great info here.
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