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yes im new, looking for some help

Well whats up everyone, this is my first post. I need some help from you guys who have some knowlidge to share. Im looking to get a bike, Most likely used. I need your help on choosing what would be best for me.

I live in arizona so this will be my only mode of transportation. I have grown up riding dirtbikes and quads, I raced bikes for many years. I have been in to modding cars so i am not new to the speed adiction. However I am 19 years old and do understand the dangers and responsibility.

Im not looking to get a bike strictly for speed beacsue it scares me all ready. I want a good looking bike, something newer. I was thinking about An R6 beacsue i fell in love with it since i layed my eyes apon it. I think it might be a bit much to start with but deffinatly a bike i can grow in to. Or a CBR600. I have heard lots about something smaller such as a 250. Im new and have no idea what years the 250's were made or by who. If you guys could just give me a list of good starter bikes and years made so i can do some research. It would be very helpfull.

Im looking to spend about 4-5 grand on the bike and around 1500 for a good helemt and jacket. Did most of you guys just throw down cash and one taken out a loan or finance? Any advice will be much appreciated.
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If you look back in this forum (new riders), you'll see lots of threads on "first bike", 250", "600" etc. which discuss the relative merits of different classes of bikes as "first bike". You will find lots of recommendations against an R6 or CBR600 as way too much power for a first bike. Kawasaki has made the Ninja 250 and 500 for many years which are both viewed as great starter bikes depending on your level of experience. They are sport bikes (good looking as defined by most), reasonably priced, and readily available used well within the price range you mentioned.

A twin 500 or 600 (Suzuki GS500 for example) is also a good way to go. You will also find lots of advice to stay away from a bike with a fairing as the plastic parts are expensive and readily broken when the bike is dropped.

At your age, insurance is going to be a major expense especially if you need full coverage (liability plus theft and collision) required if you have a loan. If you can swing paying cash, that would be better at your age. Just remember that without full coverage, if the bike is damaged, totalled, or stolen, you're SOL.

In your list of riding gear, don't forget pants, gloves, and boots in addition to the jakcet and helmet. What part of your body can you do without? If you don't have any street riding experience, you will also find lots of suggestions to take the MSF course first. That will be another good way to find out if street riding is really what you want. HTH and good luck.
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RayO has given you some good tips. Still I note you have done some dirt comp so you are over the humps of knowing how to ride a m/c. Still I would suggest you ALSO fork out around $100.00 plus from an MSF course as riding on pavement & amongst traffic is another thing.
I noted this in you Thread "--this will be my only mode of transportation.---" so comes the question of what will be the normal milage on the bike each day you ride it. Note that the sportbikes of to-day & past few yrs are almost replicas of the actual road racers so they are NOT comfortable to ride, saddles are quite skimpy, & the engines a peaker bastards. Sort of like not 'coming on pipe' till the revs are quite high & that is especially true of the R6 you have in mind.
Keep your eyes/ears open for a Yamaha YZF600r (which is not the R6) which has a saddle one can appreciate & basically the last of the better mid-range power bikes, but then so is the Kwacker (Kawasaki) 600 of a few yrs back. If you hear of the Suzy SV650 or SV650S then it to is a good bike as it is a V-twin with a lot of torque in the lower end YET a lot are road racing them once they have made a few changes.
ANY of the bikes I have mentioned can simply explode off the line at the change from red to green light if one wants the bike to move that fast or will take off faster then cages yet not looked upon as 'dragging' (by the police --- something you will need to avoid in riding pavement) & will take one up to speeds well above 100mph in just minutes & will hold all day long at breath taking speeds
I've done a lot of riding in my yrs & love my '97 Yamaha YZF600r & if I lost it I would buy another one as I understand they were being produced/sold in '02. True I have a Honda 929, but what the heck I am an older rider to you with CASH for any bike I wish to buy.
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Hope you will excuse my typing & grammer for I did not run a Preview, one way I can spot some of my errors.
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Originally posted by Smitty
Hope you will excuse my typing & grammer for I did not run a Preview, one way I can spot some of my errors.
HAhaha no biggy man you guys were real helpfull. I ahve looked at all the bikes you guys have told me about and i really like the looks of the vzf600r, clean lookin bike. How do you like yours. Would it be something i could handle. I am leaning more twards a 250 now because i know it something that i can learn on and turn around and sell it in a copple months.
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Yeah, there seems to be a good market in used 250's (and 500's). They are usually available and pretty easy to sell when the time comes (2 months, 6 months, 1 year later).

Remember that most insurance companies base their rates on displacement (bigger=more$). Some also classify different models (like the R6) as super-sport (really high rates). It would probably be a good idea to ask your agent for quotes on the year/models you are thinking about and factor that into your decision. Unfortuately, insurance at your age can be horrendous especially if your driving record is less than squeaky clean.
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Re: yes im new, looking for some help

Originally posted by davidrabe
I need your help on choosing what would be best for me. I raced bikes for many years. I have been in to modding cars so i am not new to the speed adiction.

I want a good looking bike, something newer. I was thinking about An R6 beacsue i fell in love with it since i layed my eyes apon it.
This is absolutely nothing personal, but from your post I think you should give some more thought about bike ownership for the time being. Bikes are not toys, and the consequences of "the speed addiction" can be severe. Maybe you should hold for a while?

Now, before anyone gets upset, I say this because when I was 19 I really wanted a bike, but was talked out of it by a friend who knew I was not responsible enough, no matter what I thought. He probably saved my life.

If you do go forward, remember to include in your budget insurance and good gear.

Good luck.
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David mine runs like a charm. I actually purchased it while owning a '91 Suzy GSXR-750 & '87 Yamaha TZR-250, but wanting something a bit more flexible then the 750 & with more cruising power then the 250. Now remember I was very familiar with bikes & especially sportbikes at the time.
The YZF600r is a bit soft in the suspension end, but still I have not found need to change it. Brakes are simply amazing. Power-plant is what I wanted for it give good pull at lower to mid range of revs, YET can really trot. It might be 5 to 10 MPH slower in top revs, but what the 'ell how often is one up there? I liked the idea of a TRUE saddle on the bike & liked the large coverage from the fairing for in actual fact it looks much like a 1000cc to many.
Others moan & groan about the bit extra wt of the bike compared to others at the same time or in later yrs, but in actual fact I simply can't feel it & remember I have a Honda 929 that is quite a bit lighter then the 600. You see the bike handles so well that it makes up for any wt. Remember though this has a pressed steel frame that LOOKS like an alloy one, but then it is a bit stronger as well, still I could care less as the bike is what I wanted & has proven it is worth the money.
The riding position of this bike (again we come into a saddle one can appreciate) is more sensible then most sportbikes as one is not leaned so far forward nor are the footrests that high up that one feels like a jockey on a horse.
When it comes to fuel basically the 929 & the 600 have around the same size, YET with the 929 I am looking for a fuel station to fill up at around 270 to 290 Klicks (sorry but we have this metric stuff in Cdn) & the 600, under the same riding conditions, which I admit are a bit hard & often in some of the lower gears, is 320 to 350 Klicks. ALSO the tyres last much longer on the 600.
Lastly I might point out this 600 is the lst bike out in the Spring & last to be put away come Winter PLUS I use it a lot on the backroads where there can be pot holes, frost heaves, sand/gravel or broken up parts of the road to even some outright gravel to dirt roads & would NOT put my 929 to this task as I know there is a good chance it will spin the r/wheel being a much TO TOUCHY & powerful engine.
Best of luck on possibly obtaining a decent bike.
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I would just like to say that I purchased a cherry 82' xs650 Yamaha heritage special for a wopping $500. 4200 original miles and it runs like a champ. The best part it is a TWIN! I know it is not exactly a sportbike, but for it's learning purpose it will do just fine. The best thing is when I am done with it I can sell it for what I have in it or just keep the thing(it is paid for). It vibrates a little, and the brakes and suspension are not even close to todays standards, but it will teach me how to ride and how to enjoy something without the worry of a payment. I feel it has enough power to get me enough trouble, and the low end power feels It is a 650 cc but the twin delivers it smoothly and you can keep the rpm's in this stratosphere.
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Let me say, I understand the replies that you received on your post. It is very easy for me to say buy the smallest bike you can find and work your way up, not really knowing you. The bike you choose should be the one you feel most comfortable with. Buying a 250 will be a waste of your money. With your current riding experience you should have no problem riding in the 500 - 600cc range. I raced MX as well for years; my first bike was a 1991 FZR 600. Many told me that it was too much bike. Believe it or not, it only ran as fast as I wanted it too. Within a year I moved on to a GSXR 750 and now own a GSXR 1000 and a kick-ass Hayabusa. Having a bike as your only mode of transportation may be your biggest problem. It sure gets old fast! Particularly in bad weather conditions. If you choose to purchase a bike, get what your want and one you can afford. Take a riding course and be light on the gas. At least for a while! You sound like you have the right attitude. The 500 Ninja or 600sv would be a great start. If you can't get over the R6, just do it, take control and be careful. The speed is all in the wrist! Use your good judgment and exercise control of the wrist. You'll be fine dude!
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