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first time buyer


im a first time buyer and i am only 16 so its not like i can buy a brand new R6 with full insurance coverage and what not? I would like to first ask what bikes u guys and girls would recommend. Im not an idiot, so im not going to get anything over 600cc and im not planning on buying a salvaged bike or anything like that(and i wont get ripped off because i can at least tell if a bike has been i also want to know what to look for when buying a bike. This guy is trying to sell me this '94 zx-6 for $1,800 and he sounds kind of desperate. BUT.....the bike has been dumped and the guy says that the clutch slips at the top end of second gear. because the bike has been dumped he has repainted it but i know better that a new paint job is worth s*** so looking at the price and the bike i was like HELL NO! but im a cheap guy and he says that he will go down in price....what should i offer him? i know im rambling on so please email me if you can answer ANY of these questoins at [email protected].....please email me at this address because i dont know how to check my email on this site!!!THANK U SOO MUCH!!!
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Your not gonna want to hear this, but at your age you should get a 250 and nothing bigger. I remember the accidents I had in my car at that age and if I were on a bike I'd be dead. So I reccomend going slow until you learn how to ride. Then when you turn 20 or so you can get a bigger bike and ride like an expert.

And I speak from experience in saying it will be much easier to learn and you will be a better rider in the end starting out on a smaller bike. The learning curve on big bikes is really steep.

You can easily kill yourself on a 600 and higher. This isin't playing around your dead and gone if you wipe out over 100mph in a corner, probably easy to die at speeds a lot slower than that too.

If you just want to learn and do small around town stuff you can get a 125cc on/off bike. Then you can scoot around town and take it in the dirt when you feel like it.
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get the bike

I recomend you get the bike, so what if it has been dumped what bike hasn't, I'm 21 witha cbr that has been dumped by me at least 6 times. If you have the money to get it go for a max of 1500 on that bike and if the clutch really is slipping, get a new one for about 400-600, have fun and great deal, let me know if you don't want it.

wear a helmet
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For your money you can get a nicer, newer ninja 250. Learn to ride on that, then move up.
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250 is the way to go...
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i'm 17 and i'm on my first permenant bike (i rode another bike for all of a week), and it's a 95 honda cbr 900 rr - i started with a 900 because i figured 1) i'm a big guy, i didn't want the bike to be underpowered a 125 would be a joke with me on it, and a 250 would be close, i'm 6'-6'1" and 240lbs, so i started with a 900, although i find myself many times trying really hard not to go too fast, and alot of times i do it anyway, but that leaves me concentrating on not screwing up, instead of learning how to ride better, i wish i'd of started on a 600 - but oh well, i'll stay with what ih ave, but - if you're getting your first bike - take it from someone your age, start small
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I'm also 21 and I can't believe I'm saying this but don't get a 600. Jeeez I'm becoming an adult. Seriously though, I got my 600 at age 20 and any earlier would have been dangerous. I was having dinner with my father just last week and was even saying to him it was a good thing I never ended up getting a bike in high school cuz in retrospect no matter how responsible I thought I was...I really wasnt. Take everyone elses advice, either get a smaller bike or just wait. I know its torture, I spent years of dreaming about getting a bike till I was finally able to get my old dying F2. Sorry about all the bad news, good luck man.
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thanks guys

dang cmd!! that is a lot of power for a first bike. i know ur a big guy and i am too, for my age that is. im 16 and 6 feet tall!!! i dont weight much but still thats hecca leg room that i need. but ya, i dont think i will ever think about a large displacement bike until im like 25 or older. im still considering a 600 if it is old, like 95 or older so i dont really care about the fairings because i know i will dump it. thanks for the advice wally, i am in high school (sophmore!!) and i am responsibe but probably not responsibe enough. i know that for sure. but i know that my parents are and belive me, if i get a bike, i wont be able to even jump on it unless i have my moms permission. that means, asking her every time i want to ride which= no night time riding, no riding in the rain, and no riding for long periods of time. so i think that is enough responsibility for me. and i know how u feel lol!! ive wanted a bike ever since i rode a pocket bike when i was 13 y/o. after that i subscribed to sport rider magazine (which is the best mag ever) and learned as much about bikes as i could. and at one time i though that if i started early enough i would become a professional!! but now im just gonna try to stay alive and have fun w/ my friends. thanks for the advice!
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VAST difference between a sport bike even if it is '95 or a bit lolder AND a convential m/c twin of say 500 to 550cc.
Basically 'sportbikes' are with fairings & believe me they tend to break even on bikes that are in the 90s. You want a bike without all the glossy plastic on it.
Secondly a sportbike is with a LOT of HP up in the higher revs & will not pull smothly at the take off or around in town while a convential 500 to 550 twin has good power at lower revs, pulls like a charm yet still will take off faster then most cars at a stop sign & can give one 100+mph on the hwy.
Unfortunately any sportbike (bar a 250cc) of 600cc & up is NOT for a beginner for it wants to be up in the higher revs & just a slight movement of the throttle & it will seem to explode under one--these are so much like true racing bikes & so slipping of the clutch, in lower revs, is a must other wise it will stall or possibly send one out of control & down on the pavement.
Back in the late 40s to the 60s & even in the 70s so many beginners started off on a 90cc to 125cc irons, then on to something like 400cc to 500cc.
A 125 use to give one around 8hp, a 250 was 12hp, a 350 was 15hp, while a 500 was around 30 to 35hp & the dream of all m/cs was the fast & powerful Vincent of 1000cc with its 55hp. Going back to a Harely 45 flat head we are looking at actually 750cc with just 25hp.
A modern 600cc offers around 80 to 95hp. True something like a 1000cc Cruiser is around 50 hp for they have the power at lower rmp & so a smooth puller ---we are NOT pointing a Cruiser at you, but the next step to a sportbike being a convential 500 to 650cc twin. A bike you will have a chance to survive on.
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thanks smitty, i will definitely think about gettin twin in the 500cc range. but where can i get one and how much do they run? also what about companies make good ones because to tell you the truth i only know stuff about sportbikes. so any suggestions will help. thanks!!
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