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Hey Newbie.... Pay Attention!

It won't happen to you right. Just a slow ride around the neighbor hood on your new bike. What could go wrong?

Well a friend of mine wanted to get his first bike, so I went with him, checked it out and rode it home for him. Upon parking it in his drive way I gave him the speech... "Do not ride this bike until I take you out and give you atleast some understanding of how things work and why! Do not ever get on it with out full gear! Ever! That includes good MOTORCYCLE gloves, armoured jacket, Cortech pants or leather, and a high quality above the ankle boot at the very least, and of course a NEW, FULL FACE, SNELL APPROVED helmet. I don't care how slow you're going to go or how short the distance. EVER!"
Today he bought his helmet. A Fulmer something or other. Nice and shiny. Couldn't resist putting it on. Couldnt resist sitting on the bike and starting it up. Could't resist going for a nice little ride around the neighborhood in jeans and a T- Shirt. Couldn't avoid target fixating on the mailbox and making full head on contact with it at 25mph. As i write he is at the hospital with a concussion, a broken arm, a broken hand, and pretty bad rode rash across his back. The helmet saved his life I'm sure. It was pretty mangled. The bike flipped end over end and is totaled. The mail box didn't do so well either.

My point. These things can be really dangerous. Don't ride until you have someone who is experienced give you some lessons. Learn in a nice big parking lot. TAKE AN MSF COURSE! and read every book you can find.
All of his injuries (other than the concussion could have been avoided by gear. His arm was broken when the mail box hit his forarm exactly where the armour would have been. His hand was broke just below the knuckle exactly where the carbon fiber protection available on most gloves would have been. The road rash would have been prevented by leather.

Just a little ride around the block. What could go wrong?
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Did you get a picture of the squid ink he sprayed all over the mailbox???
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Not to try to classify people into groups but I was just curious. How old was he? Was he one of those compulsive types or generally level headed? What type of bike?

Sorry to hear about the disastorous first experience.

Although I do sympathize with the temptation but I'm also curious how he got there. Absolutely first time ever on a motorcycle?
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He is 25. He's a little impulsive but pretty well grounded. He's actually the manager of a bar I own. He was on a YZF 600. He Just wanted to ride so bad that he didn't want to wait to for some one to show him how. I Know some people are going to gripe about the bike, but it was my recommendation. I think the lower performance 600cc bikes are great for starting if you take the time to get trained. They are not so fast that you run them in to a mail box..... uhhh... I mean grab too much throtle and are instantly going 100mph in a 25mph turn but not so weak that you get bored in a year. I learned to ride on an old beat up 600 Katana and it was perfect.
I will say again to any newbies reading this thread. Take an MSF course and read, read, read. Wear your gear! Yeah I know it can be expensive but It's way cheaper than medical bills and missing work for "x" number of days!
Here is a little added tip I Just found out. There is a guy doing research on motorcycle injuries and he has found that statistically injuries occur most frequently from the feet up. I wasn't aware of this. Of course the head is most important, but beyond that he has found that more injuries occur at the feet and ankles, the knees, and continue up from there. So for those of you who think a leather jacket is enough protection and go riding around in your tennis shoes, you may want to re-think you gear choices. I will post the link to the article if I can find it again.
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Sorry to hear about your friends accident I have never owned my own bike, but plan on it soon. My friend races a Kawasaki 600cc, I think its a 99? anyways, he has taught me a lot, and I almost want to buy a 500cc to learn on, but know that I will soon get bored with it and feel the urge for more power. I plan on buying a 600cc bike as my first and taking every course I can, while having him help me learn on the side. I have seen a lot of accidents due to what you guys call 'squids', and unlike others I have learned from them. I don't want the bike to hotrod through traffic, I just want to daily drive it and occasionally hit the hills/back roads. I wish your friend luck with his recovery, and hopefully he learned from his lesson.
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I am sorry that so many people new to the sport of m/cing cannot lower themselves into a proper m/c but MUST have a 600 otherwise they will be bored to death on a m/c that will not put them to death or scare the crap out of them in no time at all.
So they make it though the lst season & become bored to death with the 600 & there is only one more step up the ladder being a fast trotting 1000cc. After that IF they have survived then it is stop riding for there is nothing else to look forward to up the ladder--really is that what m/c is to be?
You buy a sportbike which is with a peaky engine that is a guttless jerky thing at low revs & in town speeds, but one that will send you on your ear if you just accidently turn up the wick. Good Lord a sportbike is a 'relica' of a professional road racing m/c not only in appearnce, but in handeling & power.
If you want to enjoy m/cing believe me a bike like a 500cc vertical twin in a more upright riding position, one with good brakes, broader handlebars ideal for one new to the sport & with a power-plant that has so much SMOOTH & good power at the lower revs. This should not bore one to death, but teach them how to ride sensibly. Man it is going to be a task to learn how to deal with the cage drivers, the strange stuff on the road that will put on down extremely fast, & later on how to ride the bike at a faster pace on the hwys to take in the bends, etc.
Start out on something sensible, remembering that the present 500 to 550cc vertical twins of to-day are more powerful, far superior in handeling & with best of brakes compared to what so many of us started on just 10 yrs ago let alone myself in 1945 with a '38 Harley 45 cu. inch (750cc) with 25hp while the 500 you will be looking at is with something of around 55hp which is equal to the dream bike of all being the Vincent 1000cc & its 55hp being classed as the fastest stock bike in the world though that was a bit stretched as said record was not obtained on a stock bike.
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YES with a slow moving 500/550cc you can take off from the green light faster then most cars & scare the 'ell out yourself when on the hwy clocking 100+mph as you 'ear it through the tight bends. Once you have learned how to survive on said bike AND built up proper riding EXPERIENCE then you can look forward to a 600 sportbike, its lean forward riding position, the saddle that will give you battle scars after 3 hrs of riding, the peaky enging you will have to learn how to deal with, etc.
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Unfortunatly, these things happen..I therefore agree with what's been said thus far...Just to give another example of a new rider, that would normally be resopnsible..at least from what they say on the boards..is ..this is my first bike, never roade before...what bike should I get..I'm looking at 600's, maybe a 750.... Is my first reaction..then , some rider that bought a 750, and has been riding 3 months, or less, says..don't listen to the fools that tell ya to get a 250, 500, something that's gonna let you learn to ride easier, and faster, than to get on a 150 mph 600, and be scared for the 1st 6 months they ride, he goes on to say, I bought a 750, or a 600, and I'm doing fine, just be resepectful of the throttle, well IMHO...that don't cut it, and here is an unfortunate example of why I try to talk new riders in to getting a smaller bike, and good quality gear, and have that gear on, EVERY time they ride. I think Idonthaveagsxr, was being a value to the sport, and to the human race as well, by offering his experience of riding, and his willingness to teach his friend the better points of riding, just to bad he didn't listen, as do most of the new riders that ASK for advice, but when they don't hear what they want, i.e...yeah, go out and get that 600, or 750, they get all in an uproar...why ask for advice, if you never intend on following it..riders with 10' of 1000's of miles of riding experience, know a bit more than some one who has but a few 100 miles of riding experience..It get frustrating for me, but I'll never stop trying to educate a new rider...

Old, Slow, but ...Smooth
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All too true, but taking out a maibox at 25mph could be done on a Honda 50. Hell, I nearly did it on a bicycle once.
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This is why I've been looking up all I can about bikes and gear and am gonna take the msf course. Tomorrow I am going down to the dealer with a couple of other friends who are also thinking of riding, to ask for a professional opinion on the proper bike etc.
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