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Another First Bike Question.

Hello everyone. This is my first post on these boards (only been reading a few days now) but I've just recently gotten into bikes. I've always loved going fast (responsibly, for the most part). I'm 18, and the first car I purchased with my own money was a '93 Trans AM. I absolutely love it but I'm ready for something more (aren't we all?) So recently I've compeletely fallen in love with sportbikes. In reality though, I'm a freshman in college and have very little money to play with. I've already realized I need to take the MSF course, but I was curious as to what bike you all would recommend for no more than $3,000?

I've read posts recommending the GS500 and the SV650. I checked out the MSRP on a used SV650 but from what I can tell Suzuki didn't start making them until 1999 and a used one runs for about 4grand. So enough blabbering, what would you all recommend?

Thanks in advance,
Nick Wells

P.S>Ah yes, I have 0 bike experience. My dad used to own a bike and plans on buying another sometime in the next few years, but that's about it.
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I will just say this: Everyone i know who started out with a 600cc sportbike has wrecked it with chillling results (5) buddies at last count. Everyone I know that started on a 500cc bike has had most enjoyable time riding and can handle themselves very nicley on a larger displacement bike (now).

To sum it up id go with the EX500, it is a grat bike for someone on a budget that hasent rode much before. If you haven ridden very much you will probably be on a budet anyway replacing mirrors and turnsignals!

Good Luck, Lemmie know what u get.
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I don't want to contradict Throttle, but don't let him scare you too much. I am all for starting out on a bike you can handle, and you have to make that call. I myself started riding on a brand new 2000 Honda CBR600F4, and never had one bit of trouble. I never took a safety course and only got my permit 2 days before buying the bike. The point I want to make is, how much control do you have over yourself? I was able to learn to ride just fine by controlling myself while on the bike.
A few pieces of advice though are to go ahead and take the saftey course, I wish I had, and plan to as soon as I can. Also, have you figured riding gear into your budget? At the very least plan on a helmet, gloves and jacket, but get pants and boots in there as soon as you can.
As far as what bike to get...well if you genuinely want to learn to ride well and safely, then I think you would be fine on a 600, but if you have the need for speed and want to go out and crank the throttle wide open the first day then I would suggest getting something smaller that won't kill you if you do that. All the restraint and control you need lies between your brain and your throttle hand, it's up to you to use it properly.
Whatever you decide just do it safely and have fun! There is a ton of good advice on here!

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Thank You

Thank you both for the great responses. I've done a little research on the cost of gear and it really blew me away. I was thinking I could get Helmet/Gloves/Jacket/Pants/Boots all for about 1k but it looks more like an easy $1500. Am I looking at equipment that's designed for more than I'll be doing or am I just looking at the necessary stuff? Concerning speed/power: I certainly think I can control it when I'm alone. What really scares me is how horribly some people drive. Even in my "cager", a somewhat low-to-the-ground/small Trans Am, the way some people drive terrifies me. I can only imagine what it's like with a shield of skin vs a skin of steel. I'm afraid (and maybe it's only because I've never been on a bike) that I'll have a whole lot on my mind for a while when I'm driving on the street and I don't want way too much power to be one of them. On the other hand, I'll be in college for atleast 3 more years and probably won't have enough money to by another bike for a few years. I want my first to be entertaining even after my n00b riding stage. What is the difference between the ES500 and GS500? Oh yeah, and who makes it? (no flames! hah).

Thanks to anyone who responds,
Nick Wells
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No flames at all! You have to be a newbie at some point!

The EX500 is a Kawasaki Ninja 500. It has a little bit more of a sporty look to it for those who like that. I have ridden some, but my personal experience was that I didn't like the gears/shifting on the Kawasaki.

I have a GS500 which is Suzuki. It has more of the "traditional" bike look as opposed to the sportbike look to it. The gearing (for me) feels more solid and secure.

People say that the GS is a bit more "tame" than the ES but I have cranked mine out and it has plenty of power for any beginner... Infact... Mine is for sale if you have any way to come get it
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I wish I could come pick it up lol. Unfortunately it's going to be a while, still have to work up the funds and convince the female parental (read : mother). The dad was all go for it so long as it's responsible, but my mom's not into the idea at all. So, what I got from that is the ES is a little more tame but still has some go-power and the GS has a little more umph but might be a little rought for a beginner? What model year would I be looking at for around 3g's? And what's a good mileage/year on a bike in the Texas area? It's pretty warm year round so I imagine it'll be pretty high.

I'm favorable to the sporty look on bikes, but I don't want it to be all show and no go. Plus I know I'll be dropping the thing once or twice and I've heard plastic + concrete = $$$.

Wrap-up: Any more bike recommendations? What's the typical mileage/year on a bike in the south? What's a good beginner bike with a sporty look and some (not overpowering) oomph to back it up.

Thanks again, sorry about all the questions. You all are great
Nick Wells
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My first bike is a 2002 Suzuki SV650S, and I laid her down once from coming down an incline to quick backwards, and I actually took a spill coz some jerk cut me off, but it had nothing to do with the power of the bike.

The 650S is a good pick only because it's a twin stroke, not a 4 cylinder like other 600's. Food for thought, take the course and buy a helmet, gloves and a jacket. Worry about what bike you want when you know you can ride one and not die.

I bought a $375.00 helmet (Shoei RF900) and a $190.00 jacket. It's not the best jacket in the world but it will get the job done. I also got a $40 pair of gloves and I got a spare HJC helmet for free with the gloves. I'm looking to spend close to $600 on gear and get everything. You have to shop around.

If you want a good bike to learn on that won't cost an arm, a leg and everything in between, get a Honda CBR600F2. Yeah it's a four cylinder 600, but they're from 94 and below so they're not too hectic, and I've heard they're a blast to ride and learn on and they DO have the sportbike look.

If you want something more recent, get a newer model Ninja 500. But I wouldn't recommend it because those bikes get grown out of quickly and you end up going through the hastle of buying a newer bike again and if you're the styling person you also have to get rid of your gear and buy matching gear.

Good advice that I heard from someone here: Learn your limits and do things safely. If you know your limits you can start out on a 600 like an F3 or F4 and gain experience and not have to buy a bigger bike. But if you have a heavy foot and on a bike you'll have a heavy hand then you better get the 500 or smaller. If you can handle it, get a 600. The ZX6E as I've heard is a really good bike and if you get a 95 or so, you can probably get one for sub 3,000 range. Try and find a bike that comes with a helmet and gloves or more. Whether it fits or not is not the point. You can always sell the gear and buy more fitting gear.
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please, people contradict me if I am not accurate! If I had 3k to spend on a 600cc bike that was sporty, and was managable even to beginners I would get a CBRf2, the average retail is $3,100, so you might find a good deal and get a helmet too.

Good luck
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I was going to get an F2, it had 17,000 miles on it, and it was $2400.00.

For $3100.00 you can get an F2, and all the goodies brand new.
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Wow, the f2 sounds like a steal. But, at that price, am I going to grow out of it quickly? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm a fairly atheletic person and tend to catch onto things relatively quickly; I'd be really bummed if I was bored with the bike after a few months but couldn't step up to anything better b/c of $ issues. Any comments?

Thanks for the replies,
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