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Smile new rider, need advice

Hello. I'm planing to get a bike in the next couple of weeks, and I need some advice. I'm looking for a good starter bike, but at the same time, a sporty bike. I've been looking at the Suzuki GSX-600's, TL1000R's, and Honda CBR600's. I also found a 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for a great price. Are any of these bikes any good for a fairly new rider like myself? Before I get any bike, I'm going to attend motorcycle safety corses and get full safety gear(helmet, gloves, leathers). My dad use to ride touring bikes through Europe, when he was in the millitary, but it been a long time, and he had a touring bike, and I not realy shore if it's any diffrence or not. I have also been racing cars scence I was 16, and I know there two totaly diffrent animals, but that to I don't know if that would make a diffrence or not. Any advice woud be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
P.S. I'm 24, 5'9" and 155lbs.

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Racing experience makes a huge difference.

If you have respect for the bikes power you can start on pretty much anything imho. Just don't act like a jackass and you'll be ok. I mean the 600cc bikes can go 150mph easier than almost any car. And the new 600's have as much power as the older 1000cc bikes. I think the new cbr600f4i has around 105hp and weighs 370lbs and my cbr900rr has around that and weighs 404....

If you really want to start small get a ninja 250. I kinda wish I had done that since driving with 100hp it's really easy to spin the tire when you hit the throttle. But I'm still glad I bought the 900rr! But it is going to take me a lot longer to become a good rider on the 900 because it's so easy to scare yourself on a 100+ hp bike....

I havent layed my bike down yet and it's been 3 months since I got it. I did drop it once at a stop sign though..

Racing your car will give you a large ammount of respect for stopping distance and cornering speeds. Just remember how easy it was to spin off the track in your car and think back to what would have happened to you if you were in a bike and realize you can't ride on the limit like you could in your car.

Also touring bike and sportbikes handle differently. Sportbikes handle more like dirtbikes because the front forks are more streight up and down vs. the more severe angle on most touring bikes.

Btw whats the highest speed you have hit in your car on the track? I've been up to 120 in my MR2 on the front streight of SIR. I know lap times are the real indicator but I only ever went to amatur lapping days and they are not allowed to time your laps because of insurace reasons. (timed laps are considered racing) I autocrossed a lot as well and usually came in middle of the pack..

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I guess the first question you should as yourself is, "what do I want to do with my bike?" Do you want to tour, sport-tour, race, look good at the local bike hang-out, just plain have fun...

If you want something without a lot of fairing, take a look at the Suzuki SV 650. Someone your size would fit great on one. Great bike for the money and great versatility. If yer a hooligan the Speed Four would be a good choice. But any of those 600s you listed would be great for carving - just don't expect to take half-day rides and still be comfortable without a lot of breaks! It's tough to find "bad" bikes out there (unless you're looking at mis-used ones). For me, it's how I feel about the damn thing - kinda like a woman. Gotta be sexy, but still do her share of the housework, if you know what I mean.

Oh - and get what you want, not what someone else thinks is cool (barring it just being a crappy bike).

Shiny side up!
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Of course you're entitled to get whatever you want as your first bike. I think it was Robert who answered a question similar to yours with "Would a Viper make a good first car?" or something similar. Yes, a Viper can be driven slowly and sensibly, but it can also get you into big trouble very quickly. So can most of the bikes you mentioned.

Many on this forum would advise that a Ninja 500, Bandit 600, SV650, or other less-radical (but still sporty) 500/600 class bike would be a better choice for a first bike.
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Thanks for the advice guys. To answer your questions, I want a bike that is good for circut racing, drag racing, and to hang out at the local meet. I also have respect for a sportbike's power. Just a a quick note, ever scence I was 12, I always wanted a bike. So when I was 18, I asked my dad to co-sign a loan for a Suzuki GSX-R 750, but said "no, your not mature enough, you are just going to drive it like your Mustang, the first thing you are going to do is see haw fast it will go". And yes, he was right. But ow I more mature now, grown up alot and learned to respect alot of things. Oh and I had my 5.0 Mustang running mid 11's and my Honda Civic running low 13's, and participate in local open SCCA meets.
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What SpeedCubed said. What are your proposed uses? SV650 is a good deal and a great bike, starter or experienced rider. I like Kawasakis but the SV650 is an excellent deal and a great machine. Kawasaki makes the EX 500 which is a good starter bike for a sport bike.

Forget about any 750 or bigger sportbike. You obviously like speed and those bikes require more than a lead foot and quick refexes to survive on while operating them. Acquire motorcycle riding skills on an underpowered machine for a few years. Maybe you can manage to stay alive that long, in which case you can see about a larger machine. I agree with your dad.

And for Pet's sake, take the MSF rider course!


"...If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters the'll be a Man, my Son!"

- Rudyard Kipling

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On bikes it isn't just speed. The GSXRS and anything else with an R on it are very sensitive and will do wonderful things in the right hands but they require greater skill. The majority of riders end up owning more bike than they could ever use and live. I am an experienced but mediocre driver with an older litre bike and I struggle to keep up with a good driver with track training on an SV650. On any challenging road the SV650 will keep up or outrun me. I can only catch up on the straights. Flat out straight line acceleration is a good mask for mediocre riding. If you think you are going to be good. Get something manageable and learn to ride it to its capacity.

We all fall prey to the "keep up" or the "gotta lead" syndrome, and if you get in over your head and try to keep up with Suicide Sam or a rider with 10 years track experience your GSR1000 will kill or cripple you.
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i think an older 600 would be good for a starter bike. they still ahndle well, but wont bite you when things get dicey. also it is more skill with a powerful machine than respect that keeps riders right side up. in an emergnecy situation, a small mistake on a powerful bike could cost you your life, where as on a smaller bike it might jsut be some plastic.
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I would get a zx-6(e)

Just wanted to say I bought my first bike 2 years ago, a zx-6(e), not the R model. Nice bike, kind of heavy, but in my opinion very forgiving and sporty (with some dunlop 207's). This was my first bike, not even dirtbike experience, and I am glad I chose the zx-6. Put about 5000 miles on it and was ready to step up to the R model. I would recommend the zx-6 as a first bike, you don't get shit on like on a ex500 or 250 either, and you can even get the front end up nice and high
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Hey guys, let me first give thanks for all of you guys advice. Like I said in my previous thread, I looking for a sporty bike that I can take to the circut track, drag strip, or to the local cruse in. My heart is in drag racing, but I'm geeting more and more into circut racing. I'm still looking into if there are any open days at any of the circut tracks down here in Florida. And yes, with out a dout, I'm going to be attending the MSF course. Oh and one more question, does anyone know a good repitable cycle dealer in the Orlando, Florida area? Thanks.
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