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New Bike (ZX6R)

My first bike

I've been riding bikes/quads/ anything with more then 1 horse power since I was 5 years old but I have always wanted a Sport Bike! .. Well I finaly got one about a week ago and put 1000 miles on it already hehe., Definatly differant then anything I have ridden before but I am getting used to it reather fast I think.

Tried a wheely but no go, Will try again now that I have read the posts.

I do have a few questions....:

1) I have a clicking sound around the engine since I bought it and it goes faster as the engines rpm goes up, What could it be?

2) After my last ride I noticed (when I slowed down) that I had a wierd sound in the front end, once I just touched the front brake it went away and when I releasted it back the sound came back. I took the bike out for another spin after work the next day and it only did it as I was coming home so im thinking when what ever it is is hot or warm??

3) After racing around 110 mph to work and didnt notice how fast the turn was coming so I hit the rear brakes pretty hard and they locked up ( was very easy to control though) .. I thought when the tires where hot they would not do this?? any ideas??

4) I heard there was a way to get a better sound out of a stock pipe by cutting a pepsi can and putting in the end of the pipe somehow.. anyone know??

5) Is it normal for a bike to heat up right after coming to a stop by about 1 degree per 2 seconds? I know you are supposed to turn the bike off when you stop but I was just talking to someone and forget (being a rookie) It went to 100 degrees so I shut the bike off.. But when im moving its right around 60 degrees..

Many thx for anyone who answers these mondane questions and I the ZX6R does not have the power I thought it would.. But I never rode a sport bike before....

Impact ---- ZX6R
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Ok first off wheelies take much time, practice and sometimes crashing to learn them right. Every bike wheelies differently, so take the time to learn your timing and techniques for your bike.

Secondly, your clicking sounds may be that your valve lash is out of adjustment. Especialy if the bike has just been broken in. But there are several issues that may cause that symptom.

Next, By your description it sounds like your brake pads are "clattering" on the rotors. But once again its hard to tell through just word descriptions.

Ok, yout brakes don't care what temperature your tires are, if your brake locks your brake locks. You just need to learn the feel of the brake petal.

Now, whoever told you to put pepsi can in your exhaust can needs a good kick in the teeth. The stock can should never be modified cause why you may like the sound more you just killed off some horsepower. Do it right and buy an aftermarket exhaust that way you get better sound and a slight power increase.

If you live in a hot place like I do then yes bikes do heat up rather quickly at stoplights. But let the cooling fan do its job. By shutting the bike on and off your stopping the flow of the cooling system and your bike is actualy heating up more cause the coolant isn't moving to disperse the heat. If your cooling motor and thermal switch is working correctly then it will keep itself from reaching meltdown temperature.

I hope this helps, if I can be of more help the PM me though this site. Goodluck with your bike and keep the rubber side down.

Tigger RR ---- CBR 900 RR
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PLEASE take an MSF course before you kill yourself. A sportbike is absolutely nothing like you've ridden in the past. Nothing. Everything about it behaves differently. And you're getting really horrible advice from whomever you're talking to (not on this site).

Yeah, the power is cool, but for a beginner, you're telling me that a ZX-6R is not enough for you? Have you actually REALLY learned to ride this thing yet? No. Have you taken it to the twisties and and learned to properly ride it? My guess is again no.

More power and more speed are only gonna get you into that next corner that much quicker and much faster, where you're gonna slam on the brakes and highside/lowside/run off the road that much quicker. Wheelies and burnouts ain't gonna make you a real rider when you can't even corner properly yet or know what the bike is/isn't capable of.

Ask advice on this forum. Many experienced heads out here. They'll tell you the same thing. Don't start off being a squid.

Sorry, I'm not trying to bear down on you... I just noticed some "flags" go up, that's all.

Ride safe,

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Emrah makes a good point. I also feel that everyone should spend at least a year on a 600 before moving up. I did it and everyone i know but one guy did it. Needless to say that one rider now has a next to totaled 929.

Get the total basics down before you go and jump into trying to be a wheelie guy. Remember respect your bike, cause crashing hurts the body and the wallet.

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Thx guys, I know what your saying and I do take it to heart.

I'm used to riding super moded snowmobiles (thats not to say I know anything about bikes though) I also agree it is nothing like anything else with a motor. I've got over 1k on it now and I think im about half my comfort zone in cornering and handling in basic.

As for wheelies , Thats the way I am But I have not had the nerve to bring the front tire above 3 inches off the ground and for now thats cool anough.

I also agree that a 600 is the perfect beginer bike but all I was saying is it does not have the power that I thought it would have.

As for the brakes "Clattering" I think I fixed it after taking it apart and bleeding them a little..

The valves do need adjustment but I am waiting to get a certified Kawasaki mechanic to do them the first time.. Since I spent 800.00 CD for another 3 year bumper to bumper warrenty. And dont want to throw it out the window..

Basicly from what ive said before is it all comes down to is i'm not scared of the bike like i thought i would be.. i mean the very first corner i took i almost went off the road lol. After drag racing and snowcross racing sleds at mach 1 the bike is just not what i though tit would be.. BUT do not get me wrong I LOVE IT.!! Would never live without one now and will probly sell the sleds to upgrade the bike..

Here is a good question for all you pros out there.. What is the best way to more HP out of the bottom end ( My powerband is around 8k rpm) and sluggish at lower rpms. In a sled ya put on pipes, rejet higher and put valves/reeds in just to start.. As for bikes im hearing pipe/jetkit but how much of an increase in bottom end is this going to make.. I just seen a guy with NOS on the side of his bike lol.. but I have heard of turbos.. Any thoughts on putting a turbo on a bike?

Thx for the info....

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BTW I will post here if I lay the bike down just to let you guys know hehe.. but give me a little credit

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