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I'm sure most of you have heard about the collision between a US Orion Spy Plane & a Chinese Mig. Just the stuff CNN dreams of!

Anyway, the Chinese are demanding an apology. They're also holding the damaged US plane and it's 24 crew members in some little island owned by China.

Bush & Powell say go to hell. No apologies from the US. P3 was in international waters and the Chinese Migs were hot doggin' it around the P3, following it too closesly for intimidation purposes. When the P3 turned, the collision occured. Thus, US position is, we were not doing anything illegal, nor anything out of the ordinary. If the Chinese Migs weren't swarming all over the P3, collision would not have occured. Chinese position is, if US were not spying, collision would not have occured. How would we feel if the Chinese were flying a spy plane that close to US shores?

My personal opinion: To hell with the Chinese. No apologies. We spy on them, they spy on us. It just so happens, we have the planes and bases that can reach out to China. If they had that capability, they would do the same. And we would launch our fighter's to "escort" them out of there. Same game we played with the Soviet Bears off the coast of Alaska.

An apology from the US will be a sign of weakness for the whole nation, the military, and the Bush Administration. At a time in which the Chinese are feeling very arrogant. This period in China is very much like that of Imperial Japan in the 1930's. They're strong economically. They're in the middle of a massive military buildup. Their intentions are to dominate Asia and to someday get rid of US presence there.

Any opinions?
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