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I hope every one of those govt jerks hears what we the people have to say. We don't answer to them, they should answer to us. We elect them to represent us, but I think that concept has eluded them. It's a free country, and I'll say whatever is on my mind, and if the people have a strong enough voice, they'll be heard.
Everyone say it with me..........."We want to keep more of our money!" Hey lawmakers! We working people work hard to earn our living, our money doesn't flow from a magic faucet! So, when pushing papers and pencils seems too tiring, too hard, too stressful, and when your big rump just doesn't like your "old" car anymore, just when you think a pay raise is justified for yourself, just remember that it is the working people who foot your candy ass bill.

That outta get some attention I just know that the majority of politicians are motorcycle enthusiasts
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