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post #11 of 37 (permalink) Old 12-02-2002, 05:23 AM
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Hasn't been updated in a LONG time (Hello, Honda...anybody home?)
I own the 1984 version of your bike and yes it has been a while and needs an update, but on the other hand with the 919 out I don't see why the 750 is still around.
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post #12 of 37 (permalink) Old 02-19-2003, 12:43 PM
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2000 Buell Cyclone

Harley sound
good looks
decent aftermarket

wont shift

leaks like, well........a harley

no tach

makes my new zrx actually feel light

cant get the jetting right, eventually gave up

still get flipped off by harley guys, and sportbike guys look the other way

cant keep up with anything but an sv or a katana

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2002 Buell Lightning x1

Simple engine
mine doesnt leak oil(fixed rocker boxes before hand)
Right amount of power for being a newb
full showa suspension
decent riding position
Tons of after market parts
General maintense is a sinch
Every one likes the sound (I really dont care)
power down low is right wear I ride
Great daily commute
Not alot of people know what it is
Comfy for a long haul
Handling is very inspiring
To me the grin factor is huge

[email protected]#$ speedo sensor if I have to replace one more..arghhh
No Place to mount frame sliders
Pain in the ass to clean
recalls(not a big deal to me since I did it in the winter and it was free)
No respect from anyone (but I like it that way )
Finding a dealership that knows what you are talking about is big punch in the nuts
Vibration at idle(not a big deal cause it's smooth once you get going and i like it but it does wear on your parts.
Sometimes I wish I had a full fairing
People saying is that a Harley sport bike The only thing the same is the 45 degree engine on the out side the inside is a totally different situation.
Seat sucks(maybye it's my big ass )
Did I mention getting bashed on forums

In the end I love my choice and I love my bike since I am only a newb I will save the 150mph runs to the more experienced. I think that any newb who starts out on a smaller hp bike will be a better rider in the end for it. Especially in the twisties you have to learn how to get thru them fast to keep up and not realiy on HP to catch up thru the straights.

Hillbilly if you are having problems with your jetting head over to and they will be more than happy to help you out. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met (well on the internet anyway) I still enjoy all you guys over here thats why I am here most of the time and not there.

there's hope in the words and emotion in the eyes
it's so easy to be misled by the savvy gentle guise
and like fools we trust the delivery
but it's all just drunk sincerity
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post #14 of 37 (permalink) Old 02-20-2003, 03:25 AM
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hey phatkid thanks for the info, i will pass it on to my buddy who i sold it to. i wish buell would come out with something that has power to match its individuality. i heard some rumor of a new lightening with a v-rod engine in it....... that might even convince me to come back and sell my trusty zrx
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post #15 of 37 (permalink) Old 06-23-2003, 02:34 PM
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1989 honda CB-1

Awesome bike for a beginner
great handling
under 600 cc so my insurance doesn rape me
light weight

slightly out dated look now, not too bad
gearing is a little too short for me
uhh... thats about it for cons.

Heres some pics of my bike btw. (click the links.. i dont want to littler the thread with images.
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post #16 of 37 (permalink) Old 07-07-2003, 10:34 AM
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2003 Speed triple
pros stock fully adjustable suspension
Good range
good brakes
handels well without being nervous
that 3 cyl sound
great handel bar
excellent headlamps

cons Stock seat(feels like a rock)
All the yo-yo's ask when did Triumph start making bikes again??
Needs a hydraulic clutch,cabel is a weak point
few choices for a flyscreen.
dealer support kinda SUCKS
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Originally posted by ariszr7
That post was a great idea Hondasarge

Kawasaki ZR7

Perfect riding position for tall riders
Very easy to ride
Good handling, gets better with progressive fork springs
Low and midrange power
Cheap to run
Can surprise many sportbikes in the twisties
Mods do make a difference on this bike (really)
Good looks

The power ends at 10000 rpm.
5 gear tranny
On the straights it's slower than all 600s
There s an annoying 2500 rpm stumble
Poor brakes


2002 ZR-7S

I agree with Aris' list but add:

-cheap to buy
-cheap to insure

Nice bike
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post #18 of 37 (permalink) Old 08-04-2003, 04:26 AM
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Anyone here have any input on the GS500....pros / cons?
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post #19 of 37 (permalink) Old 08-27-2003, 03:03 PM
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Great Low end power
Comfortable seating position
Great Mid range power
Big tank
Adjustable suspension
Good ground clearance, for a standard bike
Has good power from 5,000 RPM to about 9,500 RPM
Good acceleration out of the corners

Front end feels light above 140 MPH
Passenger foot pegs could be lower
Eats rear ties at a rapid rate
Would be nice to have a 6th gear
Carbs, why not fuel injection?
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post #20 of 37 (permalink) Old 10-28-2003, 09:49 PM
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shund, you still want info about the gs? pm me if you do, we got my girlfriend one, but i see your thing says you want an sv, so that'd be a better bet,

2003 triumph speed four


-i love my bike
-kids on japanese 600's done expect you to keep up
-supposedly it's supposed to be in the same class as an sv650, or a ducati 620, but it's more like a stripped down supersport, and my insurance company just hasn't figured it out yet,
-much more comfortable than a lot of other sportbikes, it'll be a lot better once i get my regular handlebars too
-front wheel hates being on the ground
-guys on japanese sportbikes don't give me too hard of a time, cause it's still a sportbike, and guys on harleys don't give me that hard of a time cause it's not japanese, so it's close enough in the middle to fit in with everyone,
-i'm not huge on the whole thing about having a "rare" bike, that you never see around the block, but it's true, i've only ever met one other person with the same bike, if you see a speed four around, you know it's me,


-can't stand the f***ing clipons, i want regular bars
-double front headlights are a dead giveaway to cops when you're the only kid in the neighborhood with a british bike
-no one for hours from my house knows how to work on a triumph,
-old guys will talk to you forever......
-too hard to find aftermarket/used parts for the bike
-drain plug sticking so far out of the bottom of the engine kinda worries me, if i ever run over anything, it's gonna be the first thing to get ripped off
-can't get the damn front wheel off the ground in 3rd gear, but maybe i just need practice, once i get those new bars in the spring it won't be a problem anymore

i don't know too much techincal details about bikes, but people have told me it's got great brakes, and it's got a fully adjustable suspension, just shy of 100hp, which is great for a naked standard, supposedly the triumphs have great handling, i don't have a ton of experience to compair it too,
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