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emission workers are idiots

Well, atleast these 2 assclowns were. The car in front of me (80s tempo) was being tested for a 3rd time. I assumed the first 2 times he failed, because why else would they spin him a 3rd time? anyways, during test the sniffer fell off the tailpipe and he passed. WAY2GO governement workers! haha.

then it was my turn. they tried to type my VIN in 3 times, and failed each time. the computer kept saying my bike was a 74 honda of some sort. They had to get their manager lady to come over and type it in for them. good thing she got it, or what would they have done? Then he tells me that he is going to buy a new bike soon. Yep, he said soon he'll have a CBR900F4... right, i guess honda is still designing that one. Then he told me insurance companies give you better rates if you take your fairing off. I can see it now,
"Ok mr. cammack, do you have any speeding tickets or accidents?"
"yes, i have 2 tickets..."
"ok sir, what about your age?"
"i am 18,"
"ok, how many CCs?"
"ok sir, we're almost done. Did you take the fairing off?"
"well, that qualifies you for our special rate program, you get $500 off your yearly premium since your bike is now ugly."

damn... poor guy. too much exhaust fumes i think.
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BTW, what did you guys get for emisions? i am just curious how my bike compares.

hydrocarbons... 1011ppm
% CO...2.27%
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Wow, they actually test for bike emissions in AZ????
Even in Jersey, they didn't test for bike emissions. Cars, well that's another story...they have the same standards as Kalifornia
gotta get that Fuelon stuff...works GREAT!!!makes my vehicles runs really nice!!!!great in my mx bike too!!!!
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I dunno about taking the bodywork off completely but I do know that more than a few insurance companies are friendlier to naked or half-naked bikes. Fairings are so expensive to repair and replace they are one of the reasons insurance companies are making it harder to insure bikes.
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elo, that is for factory naked bikes though... right? Or can i show up on statefarm's doorstep, and say, "look, no plastic!"?
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I think you'd have a hard time convincing State Farm that you ride with no plastics! On the other hand, you could streetfighter it, send in a photo and they might go for that...

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If you think your experience was eye opening, check this out...
I went to emission my 01 GSXR 750 back in November and the idgit comes up to me and asks me if I have my m/c endorsement. I tell him I do and ask why. He says to me that he wants to get a bike (everyone does) but doesn't want to take his bike test because he was told that they make you drop the bike during the test. Then he asks me what side I dropped my bike.
For one time in my life I was at a loss for words, I told him he should quit sucking up so much exhaust fumes.
The worst part is that anyone from timbuktu sees posts like this, assume that everyone in Arizona is like these idiots and it just confirms their assumptions that the sun fries our brains in our skulls.
Only in Arizona.............
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Here is a little information on sportbike insurance. About ten years ago I got away with taking the plastic off of my bike and giving them the picture and then they gave me a rate which was way lower than my friends. But now everything is run on your vin number. So my insurance man punches in my vin and up pops a ZX-9R Ninja. My insurance man goes OOHH!! Plastic or not same rate. Prepare to bend over and take it like a man. Now it has to do with the high performance of the bike. Because so many idiots buy a 1000cc sportbike as their first ride and go and kill themselves. My old lady works for Farmers Insurance Group and they wont even give you a quote on one.
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I think I got you guys beat...

Couple of years ago I ride into the emissions place. Pull in and they have me pull up onto the rollers. I am thinking WTF but do it anyways. They take my paperwork, play with there computers, hook my bike up to the sensors. Then this brain donor comes over and tells me to put it in gear, and run it up to 35 MPH on the roller!!! Again I am really baffled. I tell him there is no way that is going to happen. He says its ok, they do it all the time. I try to explain why that is a really bad idea but his idiot has plugs in his ears and muffs on over them and isnt really trying to pay attention. He says that if I dont want to do it, he can do it for me. Either that or I fail! I finally quit yelling at him long enough to tell him to go get his supervisor. He pulls this little 60+ year old black ladie out of the office. He starts to tell her the problem and this old ladie busts up laughing, calls him an idiot and tells me I am ok to go and hands me the paperwork.
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Originally posted by jimmyjr
Even in Jersey, they didn't test for bike emissions.
I think thats just because, like most of the rest of the country, they've just given up on New Jersey... j/k

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