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I'm not going to dig out gear to post pics, but I'll give you a little input:
Teknic SMT gloves (1st-gen): Had 2 low-speed high-sides (>20mph). Both times I went hands first to the pavement. Gloves showed some signs of abrasion, but never ripped or allowed any injuries to my hands.

Icon Timax2 Jacket: Lowsided going through a corner at roughly 65-70mph. Not sure how many times I rolled, but it felt like 3. Helmet never hit. Jacket took the brunt of it. Slight abrasions on elbows and right forearm. Also titanium shoulder plates scuffed up but not deformed. No tears, and my upper body had no road rash.

I've never hit a helmet hard enough to say that it did a good or bad job. I currently have KBC VR-2 and Arai Corsair-V helmets that I would recommend based on quality, fit, etc.

Hope this helps.

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