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The first thing I'd look for is a spell checker, OP

Check for scrapes on the underside of pegs as well. While its possible the pegs were scraped by extreme angle, that would likely be seen on both sides and is probably another signal that the bike has had lots of strong use.

Two factors that will define the bike as having been well-worn are stunting and track days.

Stunting abuses the suspension parts and if the oil pickup wasn't properly modified, can cause the engine to run without oil. Stunted bikes are often dropped and damaged as the owner learns the skills. Clutches are sometimes used to up-end the bike and are worn prematurely. Stunted bikes usually show signs of scrapeage, as noted.

Tracking a sportbike is using it for what it is mainly designed for, so there's nothing really wrong with this concept but its probably worth less when compared to a bike driven on the street by a milder rider.

If the body of a bike is painted, I assume it has been crashed and if the seller indicates it hasn't, I move on. Some research into the seller can help determine validity of their claims of how it was ridden.

Aftermarkets parts should not increase the value of any bike unless they're the exact aftermarket parts you would put on it Even then you should greatly decrease their value in the overall deal and if the seller argues you can always suggest they put it back to stock and sell it to you that way.

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