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Add me to the list of skeptics. In fact, I've always read that friction modifiers in energy conserving oils may cause clutches to slip, but I've never read of anyone who tried it and had a clutch slip. To me it seems that since the clutch is already bathed in a substance that is slippery enough to allow two metallic surface to rub together at high speeds (i.e. oil, piston, cylinder) reducing the friction a little bit more by changing from standard to energy conserving oil is not going to make any difference. I suppose with enough information - clutch spring rates, coefficients of friction, surface areas - we could calculate whether the difference would be enough to make a clutch slip. My guess is no, but I haven't become curious enough to experiment with my own bike. Anyone out there willing to go for it in the interest of science? Vash? I'll buy the oil.

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