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Go back a few more years to the Suzuki "SACS" model.
Suzuki Advanced Cooling System.

And don't leave out the TL guys as those bikes also had the SRAD decals on the tail.

For the Yamaha guys you had your EXUP bikes.

As a shop owner I love it when a customer calls up and says he has a SRAD, only because I get to ask "600, 750, or 1000" it always makes them stop and pause because their now usually confused, and don't know how to respond.

For the "Ram Air" not working or doing anything, your kidding right?? The ram air does work and not all fuel injected bikes had ram air. The older R1, CBR 929, CBR 954, CBR 1100 were fuel injection but no ram air. Now look at for example the 954 and Erion racing. I don't think that the race team would have spent a few hundred hrs designing a ram air system for their racebike if it didn't work. All the old race bikes with carbs were modified to ram air bikes like the Yosh bikes going back to the late 1980's.

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