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For what it's worth:
Helmets: I've owned 2 Shoei, 1 Nolan, 1 Vega Nitro (Crap), 2 Icon, and 1 KBC. The Shoeis are expensive, and seem to have a firm fit, but my RF-1000 is well vented and doesn't have a lot of annoying wind noise. The nolan was a modular. It was comfortable, but I always wondered how well it would stand up to a real impact. Don't even think about the Vega Nitro. They're inexpensive for a reason. Icons are comfortable, stylish (especially the domain) but I got way too many bugs/grass clippings/very small rocks coming into the helmet. I'm guessing it was partially aero, and partially the vents. I like my KBC. It wasn't too expensive, the schemes are awesome (I got the reaper), and it fits comfortably. Only complaints: visors can be a pain to swap until you get the hang of it (even when they're on, they don't look like they're 100% locked in. Also, I like mirrored shields, and KBC's is anything but, compared to the icons.

Jackets: Had a Joe Rocket leather jacket, which was very comfortable, but a little bulky. I like the vents on the inner elbow for some reason. I also have Icon Timax and Timax 2 jackets, both textile. The first one has seen a wreck, and the plate on the shoulder kept me from getting road rash. Not the best jackets for cold riding though.

Gloves: I like my Teknic SMT's. They held up well in my wreck (forgot to tuck and roll, so one of the plams got scraped up, saved my hand though. The carbon(ish) knuckles seem a lot more firm than most of the other brands I've seen. Also have a pair of Icon TiMax gloves (gauntlet) that are great for cold riding, but are a bit heavy, making controls tricky to use at times. I'm sure they're about the best thing to be wearing if you go down though.

Boots: I've had Icon Motorhead boots for a few years now. They are comfortable enough to wear all day (if you walk a lot during the day, I'd suggest getting some comfort inserts). They aren't restrictive like the Fieldarmo r boots, but they also provide ankle support.

I also have a pair of Timax pants, though they aren't the most practical pants to wear unless all you're doing is riding. I normally wear regular jeans, though I am always on the lookout for something better/stronger.

Whatever you decide, just make sure to wear it EVERY TIME you ride.

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