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think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

You can't go out week after week and pull a second a lap on the 7 times world champ if your bike isn't better.
Haybales title was at least 50% to do with the Honda too.

Here's a good bet for a coiuple of dollars GD
If Rossi and stoner get DNF's for the last 4 races and Pedro takes 4 wins...he's world champ!!!! Now theres a bet GD

I think the "take the championship in Oz" is bollocks. So he could have won but choose not too...C'mon GD listen to yerself, man

Rossi's fight with Pedro was classic. As long as he finished in front of Stoner he'd be fine yet he still fought with Pedro every inch..even jepordising his championship chances. Thats what sets him apart. Balls or bust.
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