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Originally posted by ninjagirl219
(Desided to reply to your post in Thank you, Rob in here!)

Bummer about your knee, but that's awesome you've found other ways to enjoy the ride. That sounds so awesome you're doing drag racing. Vanson Leathers is sending their all-women sportbike drag racing team to the rally. I'm SO stoked about that one. Maybe that'll be you next year!!!

Things are good my way. Just been busy with work and pulling this event together. It's been a unique challenge, but a very FUN challenge and I'm meeting so many new and awesome people that if nothing else I've met a bunch of new kick ass riders which I love! Sportbikes rule I tell ya!!!

Oh and I finally broke into the 1:40s at MidO which I've been fighting to do forever.
yeah well the knee has been an issue for some time I just had to finally let it go... before it did in a turn...

WOW Vanson sending their team is WAY COOL! man I wish I could meet up with their ladies... that would be awesome! you gotta tell us here about them when you are all done with your event.. oh That would be a dream for sure to be part of ANYONE's team this time next year I'd hate to give up my Syed Leathers however.. they've done me so well for so long! and ofcourse they fit perfect and are my own custom design but i'm sure another company could do the same thing

this site most def is a great tool for getting the word spread and meetin new folks!

congrats on your reaching your GOAL I know exactly how sweet that is...


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