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Getting ready for Winter Storage

Hey everyone, this question only applies to the people who live in cities with snowfilled winters ..

How do you guys store your motorcycle for the winter? Do I just put it in my garage and cover it with a tarp? Do I have to unplug anything? It's my first winter with the bike, and I have no idea what to do! Anyways, any suggestions would be good thanx.
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When I lived in Indianapolis (moderate snow), I was always told to disconnect the battery. I, being smarter than everyone else in the world as a new bike rider, didn't. No problems really, but it was in a heated garage and I went and started it and let it run for a while about once a week. I tried to have just a tiny bit of gas in it so it wouldn't go bad either. Thats really all I did. I have had to flinstone it to start it a few times here recently, but its at about 12,000 miles or so. How long does a battery usually last? Anyone? Anyone?

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Batteries tend to last for only about 2years if your lucky. My battery only lasted for about 1 1/2 years.

As for the winter storage is as follows:

* Clean the entire m/c thoroughly.

* Run the engine for about five minutes to warm the oil, shut it off, and drain the engine oil.

* Put in fresh oil.

* Empty the fuel from the fuel tank.

* Empty the carbs by running the engine at idle speed until all fuel in the carbs is used up. (if left in for a long time, the fuel will break down and could clog the carbs.)

* Remove the empty fuel tank, pour about 250ml (1/2 pint) of motor oil into the tank, roll the tank around to coat the inner surfaces thoroughly, and pour out the excess oil.

* Reduce the tire pressure by about 20%.

* Set the motorcycle on a box or a stand so that both wheels are raised off the ground. (if this cannot be done, put boards under the front and rear wheels to keep the dampness away from the tire rubber.)

* Spray oil on all unpainted metal surfaces to prevent rusting. Avoid getting oil on rubber parts or in the brakes.

* Lubricate the drive chain and all the cables.

* Remove the battery, and store it where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, or freezing temps. During storage it should be given a slow charge (one ampere or less) about once a month.

* Tie plastic bags over the mufflers to prevent moisture from entering.

* Put a cover over the motorcycle.

Finally, just count down the winter days till spring...



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Originally posted by spicersh
.... I went and started it and let it run for a while about once a week.
Avoid doing this! For one, your fuel tank and fuel system should be empty of fuel, making starting difficult (At the very least add a fuel stabilizer and run it through the system). But unless you completey bring the bike up to full operating temperature, (and even then you'll still have problems), you'll end up with alot of moisture in the exhaust and possibly condensing eleswhere.
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How to Empty gas tank for winter

How do you empty all the gas from the tank for winter? just run it till its empty?
I dont have a bike yet and i also live in canada. So all this info will be good knowledge in the future.
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We are just coming into the best time ---

---for riding here in Cdn. I can't believe someone is talking about winter storage. I insure my bikes till well into November & no plans on putting the bikes away in September or October ---I wait till the snow arrives sometime in Nov.
Forget all the fuss & bother someone suggested.
Here is what I have done for simply ages.
Top up the petrol tank with additional fuel, add some fuel stabalizer (this became new to me around the 80s but I have been storing bikes since '47) & ride it for around 5 minutes to get the additional stabelizer & fuel into the carbs ---one wants a full tank so the inside of the tank will NOT rust..
Remove the battery & take it inside to a somewhat cooler part of the house & put it on a Battery Tender.
A battery should last 5 to 7 hrs or more & when I sold my '90 GSXR-750 in '00 it had its original battery & chap felt it was new. My '97 YZF600r still has original battery in it as does my '00 929.
That is it man, non of the other stress. True if your bike is almost due to an oil change then give it that as well. Nothing more then in a cold garage & leaned on its prop stand, or in prior yrs the bike simply leaned up against the inside garage wall.
We stored customers bikes back in the late 40s till mid 50s & that is all we did, bar the fact that with such older constructed bikes we did put some oil down the bbls, still I never did it to my personal bikes as I felt the 4 month wait was not hard on the bikes.
Fifty plus yrs of casual storage & bikes always started up upon lst few prods, of the early cold spring days, or light touch of the starter button & run like a charm from then on in the next yr.
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Yeah I don't intend to store it in just yet, but I just want to make sure I have everything I need to know before the winter comes, but thanx for the replies everyone
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ye that sounds easier

But im only 17, and my first bike will be inexpensive and used, so it wont matter as much. But as soon as i spend my first 10-15 grand on a new machine, im gonna do everything possible to keep in in best shape.
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Even if it's a cheap first bike, you still want to keep it in good condition. Also you don't want to be spending money on fixing it up after a poor winter storage. Your money should be spent on gas a go-fast parts! (i guess the rider course too)
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It just snowed today too, about 2 worth this morning.. had to put the bike in the garage.. I think i can take it out for a couple more weeks before I gota store the thing.
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