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Tyler, it sounds like you're picking the wrong bike to do all the wrong things, and for all the wrong reasons. You may have some fun doing it and than again you may regret the whole project. In my shop I see tons of this stuff and in at least 90% of the cases the bikes are ruined in the process. The guys who engineered our bikes in the first place have done an pretty good job of getting things 'right' and when someone with no experience, no engineering background, little or no motorcycle exposure jumps right in and throws perfectly good components out the window and piles on useless and ill-advised artwork is usually in for a surprise. For the most part, the folks making a living butchering motorcycles have developed a style that is 99% looks and 1% function. When the emphasis is totally focused on the cosmetic you're guaranteed to be creating an abortion. When you're all through, you'll probably want to go out and buy a motorcycle you can actually ride again. I almost never see anyone undo the mess they've created. They just sell it to someone that doesn't know a motorcycle from a wheel borrow and start all over again. Like Vash says, it's a good idea to ride motorcycles for a while and learn what distinguishes a great bike from a lousy one.
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