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Sorry Mac020 if you thought I was attacking you, I wasn’t. I get a little frustrated when someone responds to a question without really doing his or her homework. If you know the answer, that's great, but to just toss in a few ill-advised 'tips' is really a dis-service. The party asking the question often jumps right on the his new found knowledge and things go down hill from there. I once read where a guy asked how tight to adjust his chain and the first response was to tighten the chain as tight as possible. He replied "Thanks Bob, I'll tighten it really hard tonight when I get home from work. Boy I sure love this website, who need a service manual". Well here again the response was probably well intentioned and most likely came from overhearing a drag racer discussing the subject. Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The big problem with any Website is the inability to really get into any complex topic. Few people want to read a long drawn-out dissertation on anything. I usually find that responding to this sort of question does nothing to help the person in any meaningful way. I've written several magazine articles on this subject and the biggest problem is trying to condense the material to just a few pages with support photos and charts.
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