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Guess it's what you are looking for as far as performance and I'll admit I don't know much about most Japanese bikes.

I looks like you defiantly know a lot more about bikes than I do but I have done most of the above to my bikes and personally liked the results.

I really don't understand your flywheel comment as my Ducati has one.???? I know using a lighter flywheel doesn't increase horsepower but it does decrease the rotating mass allowing for quicker acceleration.

I also don't understand your velocity over volume comment as I thought a good polishing would allow for better (laminar) flow. (More velocity)

The "sharpened crank" is done on some Ducati race bikes. The knife edge cuts down on the drag that is created as the counter weight goes through the oil.

I thought I throw out a few Ideas so the gentleman could decide for himself and he asked for some ideas.

If you want to drum up some business here that's fine. But personally from the tone of your post I don't think I'll be visiting your shop anytime soon.

A few ccs short of a full litre.

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