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That's rather meaningless advice there Mac020.

Port & polish: Porting is a good way to kill performance. Most builders on today's sportbikes value port velocity over volume. We also learned about 20 years ago that polishing your ports is a really bad idea.

Cams: This depends on how the bike is used. More aggressive cams will help at the top end but will kill the first half of the RPM range.

Lightened flywheel: What in the heck is a flywheel on a sportbike? You might consider balancing the clutch basket.

Lightened & sharpened crank: I'll give 50% on this one. Falicon calls it a supercrank. They lighten the crank, polish it, and precision balance it. It certainly isn't 'sharpened' however. (This probably comes from a misunderstanding of the term 'knife edge' crank. The end result is about as sharp as a bowling ball. (Poor terminology).

This is why I chose not to just toss in a few flash cards. It really requires far more room than is afforded here to give a meaningful response to Pagefault's question, which is why I gave him my phone number instead. This reminds me of taking Brain Surgery in three easy lessons. You might want to give it a little more thought. This is why the typical website is a terrible source of information on such an involved subject. Responses are usually well intended but false, mis-leading, mis-guided, over-simplified, or just plain irrelevant.
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