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Well - I'm not sure how much the bike can
take before detonating, I think 25 is
reasonable but what I was going to say was:

If you take it, get it ported & polished,
extrude honed with pistons and cams and
then jet it on a dyno you will wind up with
the same or more power and more torque full
time with no need to refill anything but
the gas tank. NOS is cool don't take me
wrong, but I prefer more permanent methods
of increasing power output. Only thing is
you will have trouble racing b/c most classes
concider heavy mods illegal.

As far as racing, my Buddy Geoff,
(CBR600F4GD) Does track days with NESBA, it's
a great way to have fun - be fast as hell and
safe and learn ALOT. I SERIOUSLY recommend
looking into that instead of racing school.
$75 to join the club and then each track day
is about $125. They have beginner, inter-
mediate and expert classes. You will be in
mixed gender groups and you get about 8
20 minute sessions on the track for each day
you participate. He went once and never
wants to even bother with the street again...
you should see his tires.. Shredded, never
be able to do that on the street. You will
need full leathers.

I did check out your site... Very very
frikkin cool. More power to ya. I
think it was Road Rush that said..
Women who want to be as good as men have no
ambission. I think that's true, I say go for
it!! Women need hobbies as much as men do
but they aren't encoraged like boys are.

Oh yeah, by the way, the R1 will post 10s
without wheelie bars... sub 10's with just
wheelie bars.. You can't use all it's power
it lifts the wheel on hard launches 1st,2nd
and 3rd gear.


Stylin - Profilin', Got an R1 so I'm SMILIN!!

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