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Question need advice in building a bike

ok so im getting my first bike here in a few months and right now im planning on the sv650. however i am a huge tinkerer and love to figure out how things work and lately i've tossing around the idea of building my own bike. i might have a mechanic who will help walk me through the process and let me use his shop(i'll be paying him for his time). in any case my only issue is the cost.

im not going to be building anything extreme, it will be relatively basic and i will be making the fenders and gas tank myself(with an experienced guide showing me how so no worries there). basically the two biggest costs i've seen so far are the engine and the frame.

i'm not willing to make my own frame, i dont trust my welds to hold as much weight as the frame will be. so first off does anyone have any tips on getting a relatively inexpensive frame? so far im finding them for about $800 on up which isnt totally awful but its a good chunk of cash.

next off the engine. its been difficult for me to find engines, much less an engine that is cheaper than buying a whole used bike. any tips or advice there?

i'll be making the seat, fenders, gas tank, and other small parts myself. anything that is not too complicated im making and everything else im buying.

*note* i understand this is my first bike and i might end up hating riding. even if that does happen i am keeping the bike if i built it. generally the process of building and learning means more to me that the product. it will not seem like wasted money to me at all so dont worry about me "wasting my time/money" on building a bike. no matter the outcome i will be happy.

Thanks very much,
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