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I dont know why the guy even searched for her when she left.. Shoulda taken it as a blessing...

I just wish, that for once, a judge could be realistic in a court case.. He should just look at this bitch, laugh, smack her upside the head with the gavel, and tell her to get the "f" outta her court room.. Her husband never woulda wrote a book if he didnt put up with her bolting and creating a falsified story.. Why should she profit from her breaking the law to begin with??

How in the hell did the laws in this country get so twisted that people, whos tubes should be tied so as to not contaminate the rest of the gene pool, are allowed to flourish and profit from situations like this....

Add another one to the list of old bitches suing MacDonalds for the hot coffee they spilled on themselves...

When will it end?????????

As for the bullet cost??? Ive got about 1200 rounds of 9mm ammo in my nightstand... Im sure I can spare a few freebies...
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