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Question Perfed or non??

I think its great to see our group getting riding gear, every ride someone gets somthing new, which bring up my question.

Perfed or non-perf? 1 piece or two?

I like to ride into december will perfed be warm enough with a sweatshirt or longjohns under them?
Get non-pref stay warmer and use lighter gear in the summer (which I already use).
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Rob, I just got a 2-piece teknic chicane suit from and it's awesome (no jokes about my many chances to use it ) . Anyways it's probaby the best priced suit out there and they just lowered the price by $50 and added several new suits in all sizes as well as added the thicker lightning suit on there (after I ordered). Here's the link:
The 1 piece suits on that site are perfed while the 2 piece are non perfed. I heard perfed suits are a bitch to clean bugs off since they get stuck in the perfs. And I'd never get a 1-piece unless I lived on a track.While I probably won't wear the jacket much just by itself(very short), I'll almost definately take the jacket off while just hanging out... and I won't look like I'm MOLTING like those who wear 1-piece.
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I have heard bad things about seams on tecknic and feildsheer leahters ! I am going to go with dainese,spidi,hjc,or vanson b/c skin grafts are very expensive ! I also found that you need some leathers with hard armor in them I will probably go with a 2piece suit b/c of ability remove the jacket . In my search for leather I have found that this is no place to go cheap
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Aww man, I wouldn't compare crappy ass Fieldsheer with Teknic. Teknic is in the mid to high grade leather category. The guy I buy my race takeoffs from said he has an old "cheap" chicane suit (goat leather) and he has had 2 get-offs in races with it and he said it is still a great suit he'll use a while. Though I'd go with the lighning (full spec cowhide) if I was racing. I was sold on teknic when I got my Silverstone gloves. They are by far the best gloves made, though I can tell my new violator's are a step above in technology. Teknic has come a long way in a few years with double and triple stiching and armour placement. I can tell just by trying on a suit from 2000 at a dealer versus the suit I got. I'd say go for the ligning 2-piece suit and throw some hard GP armor in it.

OK, so some other suits are "better" like vanson, but there's no way I think they justify the cost over the savings and perfectly adequate safety of the lighning suit(with hard armour and a separate back protector of course)
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I had a perf'ed JR jacket before I bought the two piece. It had a full liner. It was cold as s**t, even with a sweatshirt and long johns underneath.

I would go non-perf'ed if you like riding in the winter...then just sweat your butt off during the hotter months. I like my non-perf'ed suit jacket better than the perf'ed jacket.
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Vanson Vanson Vanson

This is just a little advice from somebody who has tried several diferent brands of leathers.

First. The only way to be comfortable in really hot weather(about 85 degrees and up) is with perforated leather.

Second. The only way to be really comfortable in cooler weather( about 70 degrees and below is with non perforated leather.

Third. The only way to be comfortable in really cool weather (below 60 degrees) is with non perforated leather, an electric vest, and hot grips. And don't forget the long underwear.

The best protection you can have is with LEATHER, period.
Synthetic gear is okay whaen you need to make a compromise between comfort, price, and possibly wet weather capabilities, but for the best protection when doing serious sport riding, leather is by far the best.

All the leathers I have owned have been two piece for convenience and include: HJC, First Gear, Joe Rocket, and Vanson.
Vanson is the most expensive but also the best made. You can tell just by looking closely. They are definitely quality. Lesley can personally attest to their protective capabilities, and Vanson will repair crash damage. They have an assortment of armor that can be fitted to their gear from soft street armor to hard track armor, as well as built-in hard back protectors.

The other gear I have is still good but I sort of look at it as "one crash" protection. It probably will be handed over to the insurance company for reimbursement if I go down in it. The Vanson stuff just holds up a lot better, and then you just send it back and have it repaired.

And, Doctor D., You are right about hard armor. That is the only way to go. Lesley's jacket has hard armor and back protector and her upper body didn't have a scratch after her crash. BUT, and this is a biggy, she had taken the armor out of her knees for comfort and she paid a price for it. This picture was taken one week after her crash.

Don't forget to buy GOOD gloves with hard armor on the backs of the hands too.

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I survived my first weekend of wearing my leathers (1 piece violator). They were DEFINATELY not as comfortable as my JR jacket and jeans, but I felt more confident in them. They are perf'ed and coming home Sat night I was cool, but not unbearable.

From my VERY limited suit time, I would say that a 2 piece suit would be better because you can remove the jacket.
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I have the suit that you posted the link to, except in yellow, and I love it. Although I am no leather expert, it seems to be real well made. It is the same suit used by a lot of street luge guys. The way I see it, these guys are on the ground a lot and if it will hold up under their conditions, it should hold up under mine. I even talked to one pro street luge guy that had one and he swore by them. Said it even held up after several spills. Go perfed, it is easier to find a way to stay warm, than to stay cool, IMHO.
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I forgot to say that we both have a set of perforated and non perforated leathers. We ride usually ride from late Feb. or early March untill late November or early December, and the differences in temps mean we need two types of gear.

In hot weather dampen your T-shirt and/ or wear a dampened bandana around your neck. The air flowing through the perfs in the leather and over the bandana make a HUGE difference in comfort.

To answer the question of whether perforated leather will keep you warm in cool weather, the answer is no. No matter how many layers you wear underneath, once the temps fall into the 60's, you will get cold. That does depend somewhat on how fast you are riding, but in my experience I always wear non perforated leather if the high temps are going to be 75 degrees or less. I always wear long underwear and long sleeve shirt if it's going to be below 70, and we break out the electric vests if it's going to be in the lower 60's or below.

In case you can't tell, I hate being cold. It takes the fun out of riding. Their have been a few instances where Lesley and I were having a great time riding on the BRP, just as comfortable as we could be, and the people we were riding with were turning blue. One guy said he was so cold, he wished he were dead. He thought being dead had to feel warmer than what he was.

Okay, too long. Sorry.
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