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Fox news (channel 2) will probably rerun the piece during the Friday lunch newscast or maybe even the nightly news.

We, as "sportbikers" did not come off looking very good. They had a nice shot of some clown riding a wheelie on the freeway, passing the filming car at great speed and holding the wheelie for a long way. It looked like a piece from that one video of those guys on M59 last year.

Then they interviewed the "brain surgeons" in RO and boy, they did not do us any favors.

They commented on how the police have been having a crackdown on bike speeders... but they did not say when that was or if it is still ongoing.

Just like the anti-drag racing on public streets piece a few years ago, watch in on the freeways for a while.

They showed nice video of bikes being tracked from the air. Plain as the nose on your face, watching those little bikes passing everything in sight, weaving all over the place.
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