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Originally posted by Gibblets
Ok. Just three more questions for now:

1. Should I always downshift to 1st gear when I come to a full stop? Or is it OK to downshift only to 2nd or 3rd?

2. What gear is best for climbing steep hills?

3. Will rocking the bike back and forth to get to Neutral hurt my engine/wheels/etc.?
1. Yes that is best since that gets you ready to restart again. Bikes don't like to take off in anything other than first(there are exceptions of course).

2. 1st but depends on how steep the hill is and how fast you want to drive up it.

3. No it won't hurt it. The purpose of rocking the bike is primarily to relive the tension that is on the gears that are meshed together. Try in your car to park on a incline and leave it in gear before putting on the parking break and compare how hard it is to get the vehicle out of gear as compared to doing the same thing when it was done on even ground.

This problem will lesson as the bike gets some wear.

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