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Hi, I'm new...and I have a problem with my Ninja 250R

I am a new rider and also someone who has never driven stick before, but I seem to be getting along very well with the brand new Ninja 2006 I bought just 3 days ago! I've been able to take it out around my neighborhood, and seem to have learned how to upshift/downshift very quickly, which leaves me impressed with myself.

Now here's my problem:

Every once in a while, I'll forget to hold the clutch lever all the way down at a stop sign, and I'll stall the bike while in 1st gear. The ninja has a positive neutral finder, but I can never get the shift pedal to click back to neutral. And everytime I try to start the bike in 1st gear, it'll lurch forward, sputter out, and die, no matter how much gas I give. Both times this happened, my neighbor came out and simply rocked the bike forward and back while toggling the pedal, and it worked- the neutral light came on, and I was able to shift into first and get going again.

WHy is this happening? What am I doing wrong? Is it normal to have to rock the bike like that to free it into Neutral?

Please help a noob.
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