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Re: school sucks

Originally posted by ninjarider666
the education sucks its not as good as everyone thinks. its all the shit that you should know and all you go there for is a piece of paper that says ur certified. florida blows tho its so danm hot here and the weather is always shitty. the riding is the worst to. there is no twisties either, me and some guys i ride with just ride to georia to ride there for a weekend. i did pick up a new bike for myself tho. better then the r6 i had the was going to blow up. i picked up a 2003 r1 with 1700 miles on it for 4800$$ so for the price i jumped on it. anyways nick u cock sucker ill see u in six months when ill be done with school! and am ready to get my ass kicked by u at the track. but ready to kick ur ass on the stunts.
hey good to hear from you.
Oh and by the way I hear Jennings has some good twisties every weekend
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