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What to avoid while washing bikes.

Contrary to what many believe you need not wear a speedo, g-string or bananna hammok. (unless your a hot chick)
So for the rest of you... GEAR UP & wear pants.

The top ten for washing your sweet ride.

1) avoid spraying hose directly into the ram air intake
2) avoid filling up your exhaust system with wather for fun.
3) avoid spraying the tires with anything that will leave a film, or dry/crack the rubber.
4) avoid getting any soap in your eyes it will sting burn and make you look like you just burned a big Jibber.
5) avoid putting any chemicals other than a mild soap on carbon fiber exhaust cans.
6) avoid spraying water in the gas tank or oil fill hole. This will not be a good thing.
7) avoid spraying water in your helmet, this may cause you to have a wet head and bad hair if you do not allow it to dry.
8) avoid spraying water on the engine or exhaust when the bike is very hot. (allow time for it to cool before you spray it off)
9) avoid spraying any young child directly in the face with the hose while washing your bike.
10) when done washing your sweet ride you may want to wipe it down so it does not have water spots and start the engine to let it idol for a bit (a bit does not signify a few hours) this will help dry the inside of your plastics and water around the engine to help from flying off while riding and making you look like your friend pee'd on your leg.

These are my words of wisdom. Once experienced with motorcycle washing you need only heed numbers 1,2,3,8 & 10

Good luck and wash safely.
- wear your gear....
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