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Hey mike... this may not be your case but it gave me the same problem.. so figured I'd throw it your way since you've checked out the other suggestions already..

After a friend did some work on my bike and changed out the rear tire for me my bike handled the same as you described (and this was after it had been to the track takin turns pretty well so I knew it wasn't the bike or it's set up in general) by the end of the day a friend walkin behind the bike noticed something I had not... the rear wheel was not aligned properly.. it was angled to the right somewhat.... luckily I had my tool kit there and he helped loosen her up and straighten her out and retighten and that evening on the way home the same turns I took that felt shitty and choppy were now smooth and fine as before...

You did say you changed out your tires ... maybe just by chance your rear wheel could be slightly off as well

btw... EX500 are awesome starter bikes and kick ass on technical tracks... know a few that leave the liter bikes in the dust

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