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Its a home computer.

New Setup

Motherboard : Asus A8V
Processor: AMD Athelon 64
PSU: Unknown
HD: Maxtor 200gig 7,200 RPM
Memory: Crucial, 1gig
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9200 Xtacy
Sound Card: M-Audio Delta 44

Old setup

Motherboard: Asus A6N
Processor: AMD Athelon XP
PSU: Okia
HD: (1) Maxtor 60gig 7200 rpm, (1) Maxtor 40gig 7200 rpm
Memory: PNY (1)1gig, (1)512meg
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9200 Dual Moniter
Sound Card: M-Audio Delta 44

I looked through BIOS yesterday after work, and I couldn;t find anything for changing the saftey feature for the temp. I pulled the heat sink off, wiped the old (3 day old, wow) grease off, applied new grease, and put it back together. I have a spare ATX case in the garage, I could put a second computer together with my parts from the first one, aside from the HD which was a total loss when the computer crashed the first time. Unfortunatly, I have spent all the money I care to spend on this thing for now... I have too many other things I want. I have replaced every single part in the computer, and the problem is still there. By my math, that means I have spent over $500 that I didnt need to spend in an attempt to get it up and running again.

On a side note... the computer only kicks off when I am trying to run a program that demands a rather high amount of processor. If the computer is ideling, it seems to work OK. The monitering software I was linked to will not even detect the sensors for the CPU, so it is of no help to me at this stage.
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